Home Security-How to Secure Your Home from the Inside Out

There’s a general list of tools you can use to your advantage that act as your home security systems network.  You can protect yourself by walking around your home and take a general census of any potential weak and vulnerable access entry points and taking steps to fix them using the following items:

  • Solid Core Doors
  • Heavy-Duty Door Locks
  • Lock Strike Plates
  • 3” Screws
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Window Pin Locks
  • Security Window Grilles or Protective Glass Film
  • Peepholes
  • Burglar alarms
  • Motion detectors or Porch Lights

Backyard entrances and balcony enclosures are definite places that need extra protection from intruders.  Window security grilles are just one of the few great ideas that can stop someone from breaking the glass on your door.  Another option is to install protective glass film.  The film gets installed on the inside of your door. It’s not intruder proof, but acts as yet another barrier deterrent.  If your window gets broken, it holds the shards of glass in place so that the burglar doesn’t want to spend the time trying to mess around trying to reach through the film and broken glass to get to your door catch.  Once they realize they have to break through the security film as well, the intruders are likely to move on to easier accessed homes.  A determined burglar, however; can successfully break though the film and that is why glass film is only a small part of a larger network of home security systems all working together.

Another interior preventative measure is to install a heavy solid core door with a venting window unit.  The venting window unit consists of Luxan glass, which is very strong and completely shatter resistant.  It’s also what a lot of bullet proof windows are made out of.

Home security also means having a strong door and frame.  You can install door plates on the inside of your door jamb to further reinforce your front door.   They are generally anodized to prevent rusting and they get screwed to the inside of your door frame.  This plate gets installed before you would actually place the door into the opening.  A burglar’s boot is no match for a metal door plate.  If an intruder tries to kick in your door, the deadbolt would get pushed up against this metal door plate and stop the door from caving in or budging.

Common sense also tells us that protecting your home from burglars is why you also would want to install a few motion detectors or have a well lit porch area.  If you have a front door that has no windows or you cannot see out sufficiently to determine who is at your door, it might be wise to install a security peephole. You can also purchase hi-tech peephole cameras with DVR capability to wirelessly transmit any images to an LCD interior screen panel located on the inside of your door.  Gone are the days of small limited peephole views.  Home security systems have come a long way and now offer homeowners a wealth of hi-tech options.

Photo via Neosnaps

Posted on Friday, September 10th, 2010