Home Security Goes Green by Reducing Paper Waste and Electricity

Home owners are always looking for ways to make their living space more energy efficient or environmentally friendly. We install better windows and doors to save on heating and cooling bills. We separate and recycle our trash. Heck, lots of folks even have compost piles to provide fertilizer for lawn and garden. So, it only makes sense that home security systems have also gone green.

Making home security more environmentally friendly can come about in different ways. It could be as simple as the company providing your security changing the way it does business. For example, Protect America Inc. has decided to lower its environmental impact by going to paperless billing and reconsidering its product packaging. According to The Gilmore Mirror:

“Protect America’s green initiative is the result of an efficiency audit that sought ways to limit costs and reduce overall waste. Reducing the amount of paper waste associated with packaging, manuals, and invoices quickly became the focus of the new project as the cost of paper has increased substantially over the years. Highlights of Protect America’s green initiative have been new installation manuals and a box redesign that drastically reduces paper use. The company’s new box is intended to eliminate pages from the installation manual by incorporating certain information directly into the design.”

You can also use your home security system to help save on energy costs around your home. Wireless security systems generally use less energy than wired systems. Also, many systems are set up to be hooked into the homes overall controls, so you can use your security system to adjust the temperature and the lights remotely. That’s especially handy for those who leave for work and return home in winter darkness. It’s nice to have lights on when coming and going, but they don’t need to be on while the sun shines. Being able to control the lights remotely not only saves on electricity, but also eliminates one of the clues to intruders that your home is unoccupied.

If you find that it is time to upgrade your windows and doors to be more energy efficient, you can build security into the installations, with shatterproof glass in windows and solid doors with a peephole rather than a window and top-of-the-line lock systems.

Some simple, do-it-yourself security efforts are the greenest options of all because they don’t require any electricity or paperwork. A quick walk around the perimeter of the home can alert you to danger areas – places where intruders can be hidden, ladders and tables that can be easily climbed to enter open windows, and discovering ways someone can enter your property easily. The most energy efficient security system of all? Simply locking doors, windows, and fence gates.

Posted on Monday, January 14th, 2013