Home Security For French Doors

A crafty burglar is all it takes to fool your French doors. Do you have French doors? French doors are one of the easiest entrance models to break in to, and a lot of homeowners with French doors do not discover their front-door folly until the theft has already happened. Since the door is split in the middle, a swift kick or a deft shoulder ram can crack the door’s wood, making your door lock obsolete and your home totally open to theft. Can you prevent a robbery and still keep your French doors? Fortunately, with some effort, the answer is yes. (Video of a French Door Break In)

Why are French Doors more vulnerable?

French doors are always paired; they are a style of two doors that connect to each other, and open at the middle. Classically, they are outbound doors for the back of the house or put inside of the home to section rooms, like a fancy dining room and the kitchen. They can lead to your backyard, patio, or a designated area. French doors are designed to let in light. The entire middle of the door is made of either one long sheet of glass, or several strategically cut windows that connect to each other. The glass part is framed by wood that compliments the glass’s design and which contains the door handle. Because of their beautiful architecture and light-friendly design, many homeowners choose to install a French door set at the front entrance of their home. If you don’t have the proper home security, the French door decision could be much pricier than your initial door purchase. Your eye for style is a burglar’s ally.

French Door Security Improvements

However, you don’t have to compromise your quality taste for prisoner’s clothing; you can keep your French doors out front with a few adjustments.

Steel Frame

Make sure your French doors have a steel frame. You can find steel frames through French door home security stores online.

The Security Bar

Like sliding glass doors, you can fix a security bar to your French door at night from inside your home. A bar will resist outside forces, making a the door kick-in a little more difficult.

As always, if you feel that locks, bolts, and security alarms are still not enough, consider the safest bet; install your French doors on the interior or your home. But now that you’ve read the home security tips, act fast before your French doors invite a burglar to break in.

Photo via Mr Geoff

Posted on Monday, August 23rd, 2010