Home Security Camera Catches Thief

A home security camera system helps to protect your home on two levels. First of all, it works along with your home security system to deter criminals. In many cases, the presence of a camera is enough to convince a burglar to pick a different home. In fact, there are even people who use fake cameras to try to deter criminals.

The other aspect in which a home security camera system helps to protect your home is in what it actually records. Even if the burglar decides to go ahead and break into your home, his activity is recorded (whether it’s on tape, DVR, or directly to your computer’s hard drive via a wireless connection. Authorities can then use the recording to help identify and capture the burglar.

This actually happened recently in Memphis. A 19 year-old man was caught on tape breaking into the back yard of a resident there. The man and an accomplice stole an ATV from the home. Police were able to use the camera to help identify the thief, who was taken into custody.

Today’s home security systems are even more affordable than they have been in the past. You can install a do-it-yourself system with cameras for a few hundred dollars or less. A system without cameras can be installed even cheaper.

Higher-end home security systems rely on a connection to authorities or to a security company in order to respond when a break-in occurs. While these kinds of systems don’t have their cameras monitored remotely, the cameras are still useful after the fact in helping to identify the thieves.

There are many types of home security systems with cameras that you can invest in. The right one for you depends on your budget, as well as the way your home is set up. The most effective camera systems will monitor every entrance to the home, as well as yard entrances and perhaps even common areas within the home itself.

Video recordings from home security systems aren’t always useful in a court of law (depending on where you live), but the fact of the matter is they can give police enough information to start an investigation, and the find the evidence they need to catch the thief.

Posted on Wednesday, August 17th, 2011