Home Security and Toolbox Safety-Securing Your Garage Equipment

Home repairs and minor improvements are all a part of upkeeping a home, but sometimes homeowners fail to keep tools safely secured and locked away.  So many homeowners have been injured or killed by falling tools objects, especially during the holiday season where people are in the process of using these tools to hang Christmas decorations.  Whether it’s repairing a chandelier or repainting a wall, it’s a good idea to always think about tool safety around the house.  Additionally, if your garage contains any caustic chemicals or toxins, make sure they are in tightly sealed containers and not open to the air.  With garage doors closed, they could potentially pose breathing hazards.

Toolbox safety guards can dramatically increase home security and assist to avoid in personal injury of elevated tools that fall from high placed garage door shelves.  Realizing the importance of having these safety measures in place is the first step in eliminating household and garage dangers.

If you are setting out to repair something on the interior or exterior of your home, also let someone know where you will be.  Warning people can keep children out of the area and blind spots when you are working.  Also consider placing safety barricades around the area where you are working.

If you are lifting something that is quite heavy from ground level, make sure that objects are properly balanced and kept in place.  Spot check fellow workers or family members who don’t have good visibility while lifting large appliances or furniture.  It is common for homeowners to overlook their own safety or the safety of others when under pressure to complete a job or subject to a great deal of stress.  Let’s face it; the holidays are stressful enough without adding a trip to the emergency room to the mix.  If you’re working with power tools, always wear protective glasses or gloves when the need calls for them.

Do yourself a favor by stocking up on nylon roping or tool fasteners at places like Home Depot and Lowes.  Toolbox accidents and falling objects are the second most common homeowner injury and by leaving loose tools lie around you are gambling with your life.   Home security systems can help protect your family and garage from theft or fire, but won’t stop falling tools from landing on your head.  The price of safety restraints might be of a minor annoyance, but think of it as a home security investment that will pay you back in major dividends.  Just as the true meaning of Christmas, the value of your life is priceless and is beyond an expensive price tag.
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Posted on Wednesday, December 1st, 2010