Home Decor Ideas That Enhance Security

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Making your home safe and making your home look like a correctional institution don’t have to go hand in hand. There are several attractive decorating ideas that also happen to enhance the security of your property. When thinking how to adorn your property, consider if your choices will make it more or less enticing—and vulnerable—to a burglar.

Here are home decorating ideas that could enhance your security.

Tinted windows

Burglars like to know whether or not people are inside a house, before approaching it. Most won’t target a house if they can’t confirm its occupancy. Tinted windows allow you to look out, but don’t let burglars look in, which may make burglars pass up your property entirely. Tinted windows don’t need to be those dark panels you see on cars. There are plenty of options in gorgeous hues that complement the look of your home and yard.

Spiked fences

Wire fences don’t have the most welcoming appearance, but there are some lovely fences—from art deco to romantic—that look gorgeous lining a property and happen to be spiked. If you prefer a white picket fence, you can sharpen the tops of your fence panels to achieve the same effect. Most burglars won’t want to chance jumping a sharp fence.

Painted or stained glass

Consider adding painted or stained glass on the windows of rooms containing valuables. If you have a living or dining room with an expensive chandelier, piano, artwork, or anything else a burglar may want to grab—or would at least tip a burglar off to your wealth—stained glass windows will make it harder for outsiders to see.

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are mostly for when you’re hosting parties. There are two types of homes burglars like: vacant ones, and those hosting parties. Hosts are usually distracted and the guests don’t know who is and isn’t supposed to be there. If you do plan on hosting, consider putting blackout curtains up in the main room so outsiders can’t see that you have a lot of people over.

A front yard dog house

Whether or not you have a dog, consider adding a decorative dog house to your front yard. If burglars think you have a dog, that could be enough to send them on their way.


Pillars along the front of the house create an interesting barrier between your home and the street. They make it difficult for someone on the street to see whether or not the home is occupied, because they obscure some windows. Meanwhile you, on the inside, can see pretty well past them and know when someone is coming.

Set up your yard furniture in the front

If you love to socialize outdoors and make use of nice weather, then you probably have a very nice patio setup. But think about doing the majority of your outdoor socializing on your front lawn, if you have one. When you host dinner parties or cocktail hour in your backyard, your house is very vulnerable. Not only are you distracted by guests, but the interior of your house is empty, and the front of your house is unguarded.

Elegant driveway lamps

Setting up lights around the perimeter of your property is a great way to deter nighttime burglaries. But you don’t need to stick to simple lights. Tall, dramatic, lantern-style lights lining your driveway will create a gorgeous aesthetic, and possibly deter burglars.

Shrubs that hug the home, under windows

You don’t want too many large shrubs around your property, because they give burglars places to hide. But you can have shrubs that grow along the walls of your home, essentially hugging your property. These make it much harder for a burglar to break into a window because bushes and branches can poke them along the way.

If you do your decorating strategically, you can have a house that turns heads—but only those of people you want looking.

Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2018