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Guardian Protection Review
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Starting Price:
w/ video monitoring
Available Benefits
  • Wireless Keypads
  • Remote Home Access and Automation
  • Fire/ Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Security Cameras
  • Medical Alert Pendants
  • Indoor Sirens
  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Motion Sensors

After careful installation by one of its highly trained technicians, Guardian puts your home security in your hands, but doesn’t stop there; you’ll also have access to energy management and home control to monitor your home’s condition anywhere you have internet access. Even when you can’t keep a watchful eye on your loved ones and treasured possessions, Guardian will monitor for burglary, medical or fire alarms. With smart technology and extensive coverage possibilities, you can feel assured that the company is putting amazing technology at your disposal.


Guardian gives you access to wireless security through trusted equipment built by Interlogix. Because there are no wires to cut, wireless cellular systems are often much less vulnerable to criminal tampering than traditional landline security systems. Of course, intruders aren’t the only threat to your house, which is why Guardian offers fire and carbon monoxide detectors to protect your loved ones as well. If you’re eager to keep an eye on your home even when you can’t be there, mobile access and surveillance cameras could really help you feel safe and secure

Monitoring and Services

Of course, impressive security equipment probably won’t do that much good if they’re not backed by well-accredited, U.S. based monitoring and customer service that are fully staffed by Guardian’s own employees. Fortunately, Guardian gives you 24/7 monitoring, boasting an average response time of 30 seconds or less. What that means is that alarms are responded to quickly helping to protect family, your home and your treasured possessions, just in case of a catastrophe. At the first sign of an alarm, you’ll be connected to Guardian’s highly-trained Five Diamond trained monitoring staff, who will spring into action for you.

To give you even more control, though, Guardian offers a free mobile app which allows you to control your security system from any internet-connected mobile device. This makes it easy to remotely arm or disarm your system, which can be helpful if you can’t remember whether you turned on the system when you left your house. Guardian’s smart locks let you add and delete user passcodes which can be helpful if one of your family members forgets his or her keys or you have a guest arriving before you get home. You’ll also be able to keep an eye on your home with surveillance cameras, which can give you real-time look-ins and emails or text notifications to show you exactly what’s happening.

Guardian’s free app can also give you access to home automation features, helping you to feel just as comfortable as you do safe. For instance, you can set your thermostat to adjust the temperature certain time during the night to make sure that your home is nice and toasty when you wake up or get home from work. Or, you could limit your energy consumption by dimming or shutting off your lights. You can control lights, locks, thermostats or garage door openers, thanks to Guardian’s impressive functionality.


Since Guardian offers so many customizable features, the company doesn’t actually list any hard and fast prices on its website. This is actually slightly reassuring, since most companies that bundle their security features make you figure out your equipment on your own. Guardian assesses your family’s needs, gives you a no-obligation quote and makes recommendations based on the services it will take to help you feel safe and secure.

The Good…

Tons of equipment packages to help you feel safe and comfortable

The Bad…

Warranty not available with basic package

And The Ugly

Prices aren’t listed on website, making it hard to know what you’ll pay