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As a locally owned and operated security company, Gillmore Security can offer its clients personalized attention, top notch customer service and a home security system for tailored needs. Despite its high monthly fees, the company provides reliable, comprehensive protection. As one of the few UL-5 Diamond listed monitoring centers in the state of Ohio, the company is responsible for protecting tens of thousands of customers–a job it takes very seriously. For Ohio residents concerned more with quality than price, Gillmore may be an option to consider.


Most of the equipment provided by Gillmore Security is manufactured by Honeywell and First Alert. These two manufacturers have top rankings in the United States, and they are known for their user-friendly, reliable design. Honeywell is renowned for its affordable prices and durable, long-lasting equipment. First Alert manufactures the alarms, smoke detectors, sirens and medical alert bracelets provided by Gillmore.

Should its customers prefer, Gillmore Security does provide security systems of other brands. It prefers Honeywell due to the low cost, but it will install whatever security system homeowners prefer. Owners have to buy the security system before the company will install it; Gillmore simply provides the recommendation and does the work.

Monitoring and Services

The basic monitoring service package offered by Gillmore comes with a landline and wireless system, ensuring the most reliable monitoring. Should the wireless system fail, the hard line will connect. Should the land line be severed somehow, the wireless connection will remain. The systems are as reliable as homeowners can expect from manufactures like Honeywell and First Alert, and are built to last.

The basic system comes with a central control panel, a single motion sensor, two door sensors and a key fob for external access to the home. Homeowners will find that using the control panel is easy, as Honeywell builds them to be user-friendly. It’s a piece of cake to access all of the monitoring systems in your home via the control panel, especially with remote access enabled.

In addition to basic security systems, Gillmore offers options like PIN door locks, biometric readers, and proximity card readers. The fire alarm system is connected to both a smoke detector and the central monitoring station, which allows Gillmore to immediately alert emergency services should the alarms go off. Digital video security is offered at a premium price, allowing homeowners to record and store footage of everything taking place in their homes. Despite the somewhat high price of the security packages, Gillmore is known for being a reliable, quality service.


Gillmore Security charges a pretty penny for installation, as homeowners must purchase the home security systems that will be installed. This can lead to charges of up to $700 once the systems have been installed and activated. The basic package starts as low as $35/month, but the premium packages rise to $45. The contract lasts for a single year, after which homeowners have the option of cancelling or renewing the contract for an additional year.

The Good

Gillmore’s central monitoring station has a very high rating, guaranteeing round-the-clock protection

The Bad

Homeowners must purchase the security system in full

And The Ugly

Once the 1-year contract expires, homeowners who neglect to cancel automatically allow their contract to be renewed


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Available Benefits

  • Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • Wired Monitoring Systems
  • Remote Access/Control
  • Motion/Fire/Flood/Glass Breakage Sensors
  • CO2/Smoke/Burglar Alarms
  • 24-hour Monitoring
  • Digital Video Security Systems
  • PIN/Biometric Readers

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