Get Connected to Super Surveillance Home Security Systems

Superman has nothing on the performance of super circuit video cameras.  The man of steel pales in comparison to these top quality surveillance systems.  Its camera strength flexes its muscles and provides custom security solutions for your home and property.  Conducting round the clock surveillance of your home is the key against fighting the crime elements in your neighborhood.  Top quality video cameras don’t come better than this and you can use them to intensify the eyes and ears of your home.  Beefing up your home security systems with top notch cameras is guaranteed to make any superhero jealous of your x-ray vision capabilities.

These little cameras will show you precise details and sharp images to allow you to see almost everything but the color of your thief’s underwear.  All kinds of innovative camera types are available at such as dome style, fixed cameras, bullet IR and network cameras.  Even advanced thermal imagery cameras can give your home the 5 star protection treatment.  Thermal imaging cameras pick up heat that is emitted from objects and people.  This means that humans and animals can be detected fairly easily against the cooler environmental backgrounds during the day or at night.

Sophisticated camera features give the homeowner security control of their home and domain.   Super circuits even bring the worlds smallest color camera to the forefront of home security technology.  The 380 line CCTV camera was featured in the 2009 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.  It’s the latest generation of micro video cameras.  This little baby is about the size of a dime and offers a stealthy 380 lines of resolution.  It even features varying focal lengths to adapt to your needs.  The nice part about this tiny camera is the fact that it only uses a small amount of power consumption.  At $149.99, the camera comes inclusive of mounting brackets to allow the homeowners the convenience of installation.  Super circuits also have a FOV (field of view) online calculator to help you determine which lens is right for your type of application and uses.   Site calculators can also give you real-time DVR storage information such as how many frames per second of video your cameras can hold.

Super circuits have been providing the public with personal and home protection since 1989 and can support many home security systems with additional camera backup.  Get ready to put on your cape and get plugged in to the super hero of home security cameras.

Photo via I See Modern Britain

Posted on Monday, October 18th, 2010