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If you’re looking for a typical ADT dealer, Gaylord Security is the company for you. Offering reliable protection at a slightly higher than average cost–starting at $44.99/month–the company ensures that your home is as safe as possible. By opting for Gaylord, you connect your home to the countrywide ADT monitoring system. Considering that ADT is one of the largest and most reliable security networks in the country, it may be worth the higher cost.


Gaylord Security offers Honeywell equipment, all connected to the ADT monitoring stations. The systems are fully wireless, and there are no significant alterations made to your home upon installation. The control panel is designed for user-friendly operation and comes with a keypad, siren, motion sensor, and three door and window sensors. A key fob and battery backup are provided, along with ADT signs and stickers for your convenience. Installation of the equipment provides 24-hour monitoring of your home.

Monitoring and response

With Gaylord Security, you are immediately connected to ADT’s monitoring system. ADT is considered the #1 security provider in the U.S. and Gaylord Security received ADT’s Highest Overall Customer Satisfaction Award in 2012. It provides service in the lower 48 states–excluding only Hawaii and Alaska from their services. The company has 18 years of experience providing home security and monitoring.

A digital keypad is connected to the monitoring system, allowing you easy entrance and egress from your home. The motion detectors used in the home security systems are designed with pets in mind, so there’s no need to worry that your dog or cat will trip the alarm as it moves around inside your house. With the keychain remote, it’s easy to access your security system from outside your home or disable a blaring alarm.

For those looking for more comprehensive protection, the Two Way Voice system allows homeowners to call and speak with agents in the ADT monitoring center. The CellGuard feature makes it possible to connect to your home’s security system via cell phone, though it comes at a premium price. The response time offered by Gaylord Security and ADT is quite fast and the technology used is top of the line Honeywell products.


Contracting the ADT security system through Gaylord Security is actually surprisingly affordable. There is a $99 installation charge, but the system itself comes free (Gaylord Security website claims the value of the system is $850). Once the system has been installed, the cost of the monitoring shoots up to $44.99/month, and the length of the contract is 36 months. Those looking to cancel their policy will have to pay a hefty fee.

The Good…

Offers better amenities, warranties, and service than smaller or local companies

The Bad…

Customer service can be very slow as ADT is a massive national network

And The Ugly

ADT and Gaylord Security customers have complained of receiving unauthorized credit card charges, as well as multiple spam emails from Gaylord

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Available Benefits

  • Wireless Security Systems
  • Connection to ADT Monitoring Stations
  • Next-Day Installation
  • Remote Access
  • Video Surveillance
  • Home Automation

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