Freeze Theft With Your Home Security Blanket

Where is your burglar alarm? The thought of a burglar is enough to give you the chills. If you’ve ever laid in bed at night wondering if every part of the inside and outside of your home is rightly secured, then you know the hint of the cold sweat that comes with your questions. Did I deadbolt the front door? Are the rear doors secure? Is the basement door okay? Can someone still break any of them down? Is it really that easy to burst a hand through the downstairs window? Do robbers really cut through the screens like that? Don’t feel strange about asking or wondering–all of these and similar home security questions are completely reasonable, and should be considered. The jovial punch-line to your overnight worries is that you can be proactive about your home security concerns. When locking your doors and windows just isn’t enough, and most of the time it isn’t, a home security alarm system is what will keep you warm at night.

Statistics show that over 80% of attempted robberies on homes that are equipped with a home security system are not successful. That’s a huge difference between a home with a burglar alarm and one with zero protection. That statistic says one of three things: a thief is not even tempted to rob you, or he is scared away at the sound of being caught, or he is even caught on site by the authorities. Your alarm can notify police discreetly, and immediately. If you suspect a burglar lurking in your neighborhood, where would you rather live–a home that doesn’t let the burglars slip right in without biting back, or a home with absolutely no security blanket? A home without a home security alarm is simply not that safe.

Pay attention to the ground floor.

Though the attempted robberies are not always rewarding for the burglar, the 81% of robberies that do occur are first floor break-ins, and over 20% of those illegal entries into your home are through first floor windows. When you are considering an alarm or high security surveillance, and can’t afford monitoring for every one of your doors and windows, you should focus your energy on the ground floor. DIY wireless home alarm systems are quick and easy to purchase and can be attached to your first floor doors and windows right away.

Don’t be locked in a panic because you didn’t remember to secure your bathroom window. Keep the burglars in the cold where they belong. Start feeling safer right now by investing in your very own home security system.

Photo via Stuck in Customs

Posted on Friday, August 27th, 2010