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As one of the top alarm and siren manufacturers in the country, First Alert has a reputation for making reliable, affordable products. While the company doesn’t offer monitoring, it does provide quality security systems, video cameras, and home safety devices of all shapes and sizes. First Alert’s main priority is to offer Americana homes and families peace of mind, and the availability of their products ensures that all homeowners can get their home security up and running quickly.


First Alert is a subsidiary of Honeywell, the second-ranked security system manufacturer in the country. While the First Alert home security systems aren’t as reliable or user-friendly as the Honeywell systems, the alarms, sirens, and sensors are designed with excellent quality. They are designed to connect easily to more than just First Alert and Honeywell systems, but almost every company uses First Alert alarms for their security setups.

One of the great things about First Alert security systems is that they offer a very extensive range of products. Both wired and wireless systems are for sale, including video cameras, DVR recording setups, environmental detectors, and other safety products. Homeowners can buy safes, cash boxes, fire extinguishers, and other safety devices for use at home. For total home protection, First Alert has a lot of products to offer.

Monitoring and Services

First Alert offers no monitoring, as the company provides only the equipment homeowners install in their homes. However, the First Alert devices are compatible with almost every home security system in the country, even those of competing brands like DMP and GE. The fact that First Alert is so versatile is one of the reasons that it has risen to the top in terms of alarm and siren manufacture, though its limited security systems are outclassed by Honeywell, GE, and ADT.

One of the excellent services offered by First Alert is the ability to download product manuals directly from its website. Videos on the website educated DIY-ers to install and activate their own home security systems, even with the remote access features offered by some of the First Alert devices. From video surveillance to basic environmental monitoring, the resources on the First Alert website will allow you to learn everything you need to know about setting up your system.

There have been complaints of the equipment being less than reliable, particularly the video cameras. The wireless signals have been known to interfere with the homeowner’s Wi-Fi,  slowing down the internet connection significantly. However, most of the First Alert products have excellent ratings on other review websites, indicating that it does manufacture high quality devices.


The First Alert D575 Digital Wireless Security Recording System is priced at $179.99 to $199.99 on various websites, coming with just one camera and the monitoring system. A basic CO2 alarm costs roughly $30, while a simple smoke alarm costs between $12 and $19.99.

The Good

The price of First Alert equipment is slightly below industry average, but the quality is excellent

The First Alert equipment is compatible with every other home security system, making it very convenient to use

The Bad

No security systems offered beyond the video surveillance, smoke detecting, and environmental monitoring

The Bottom Line

The company does not offer monitoring, so homeowners will need to hire a third-party company

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Available Benefits

  • Video Cameras/Surveillance
  • Wireless Security Systems
  • Wired Security Systems
  • Smoke/Fire/CO2 Sensors
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Safes/Cash Boxes
  • Motion Sensors
  • Personal Safety Devices

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