Fall and Winter Yard Safety Tips


Families who live in four-season weather know what a blessing and a curse that can be. Their backyard can become a wonderland their children want to play in. And what parent doesn’t want to encourage their child to play outdoors and put video games aside for a while? But the fall and winter months can also add a few hazards to a backyard. Here are yard safety tips for fall and winter.

Purchase sturdy garden gloves

You may need to clear large piles of fallen branches by hand. But remember that all sorts of critters could be hiding inside of those branches, from insect-ridden bugs to poisonous spiders. Keep arms and hands completely covered when gathering items in the back yard.

Don’t let kids play in leaves

On the subject of leaves, do not let children play in them. They will be tempted, but as stated before, these can be filled with bugs. They can also sit on top of sharp rocks, so you do not want your children jumping on them either.

Don’t use ladders alone

You may need to climb on the roof to clear leaves out of pipes and the chimney. Never climb a ladder without having someone hold it sturdy below. Also, check the ground before putting a ladder down. Do not place it on the ground that is slightly icy, or covered in leaves. Leaves can easily slip out from under the ladder and make you fall.

Leaf blowing concerns

If you are going to blow leaves out of your yard, remember that leaf blowers pick up much more than shrubbery. Their strong force can also pick up pieces of broken glass, tiny rocks, and other sharp objects. Do not allow children or other family members to stand nearby when you use the leaf blower. Wear thick safety goggles, too, so particles do not fly into your eyes.

 Take care when cutting wood

If you like to chop your own wood for a fireplace, take precautions when doing so. If you are using a chainsaw, make sure all parts are moving smoothly before applying it to tough wood. If the chainsaw were to get stuck or kick back while you were working, this could cause you lose control of it. That could result in a serious injury.

Slip-resistant shoes for everybody

Everyone in the house should wear slip-resistant shoes in the backyard. Shoes should have plenty of traction, so people do not slip on icy ground or piles of leaves.

Trim branches

If you live in an area that is susceptible to severe wind storms, you face the risk of branches flying into your windows and breaking them. Before the stormy season begins, walk around your property and identify hazardous branches. Trim these down before the storms start.

Take care of your deck, too

Your deck is part of the yard, too. When the temperature begins to drop, put salt on your deck, so people do not slip on it.

Active motion sensor lights

If you are going to allow your children to play in the yard in the fall and winter, remember that the sun goes down much earlier. Adjust your outdoor motion sensor lights, so they turn on at dusk. Your children likely won’t come in to remind you they’re playing in the dark.

Backyards can be enchanting in the fall and winter, but there are some dangerous hiding underneath those gorgeous colorful leaves. Taking a few precautions can mean an afternoon of playing outdoors doesn’t end up at the doctor’s office.

Posted on Wednesday, November 9th, 2016