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ELK Products may be located in North Carolina, but most of the company’s transactions take place online. It provides a wide range of equipment and devices to use for home security, which homeowners can install in their homes and connect to third-party monitoring services. ELK Products does not provide monitoring of its own, but instead offers homeowners all the choices they need to set up a home security system customized for their particular use.


ELK Products have generally received good reviews from consumers who have purchased them, both via the company’s website and via sites like Amazon and individual home security web stores. The ratings are usually between 4 and 5-star rankings, indicating a quality in the design and function of the ELK Products equipment. ELK may not be as large as Honeywell or GE, but its reputation for manufacturing excellent security systems has given the company an edge in the market.

What makes the company’s equipment so good is the fact that it’s designed with users in mind. The devices are all designed to be interconnected with one another, so they’re highly compatible and designed for full home automation. Without making the process more challenging on the user, the ELK Products security systems are made to be easy to use for anyone.

Monitoring and Services

Oddly enough, the monitoring devices sold by ELK Products do not include the standard video cameras, motion sensors, and door and window sensors. The focus of most ELK Products is placed on entry control, as well as home automation. There are dozens of types of battery backups, surge protectors, transformers to ensure the home security system is never disconnected, but homeowners will need to purchase cameras and sensors from other companies if they want to complete their home security systems.

One of the great services offered by ELK Products is customer training. The company makes all of its user manuals available online, so customers are able to access the website and read the manuals in order to learn how to set up and operate the home security systems. For those who are proficient at DIY home installations, this is an excellent option.

ELK Products offers remote access via smartphone, tablet, and computer, allowing homeowners to monitor activity in their home from anywhere around the world. The products offered by ELK are all designed with energy-saving in mind, particularly the home automation technology that provides homeowners with a way to turn appliances off and on or even schedule the lighting, HVAC, and water supply.


Seeing as ELK does not offer monitoring, there is no monthly charge for their services. The cost of the basic home monitoring system starts at $374, but can go as high as $505 for a complete security system with home automation devices included. All equipment comes with a 1-year warranty.

The Good

ELK Products manufactures reliable, user-friendly equipment that is easy to install and operate

Its products are available not just via the company’s website, but also via Amazon, other internet retailers, and brick-and-mortar retailers

The Bad

There is very little information provided on the company website, so it’s hard to find out more about the products without an in-depth search

The Bottom Line

The company only provides basic home security systems

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Available Benefits

  • Wired Monitoring Systems
  • Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • Batteries/Transformers/Power Supplies
  • Sirens/Speakers/Strobes
  • Home Automation Devices
  • Two-Way Communicators
  • Remote Access
  • Timers/Programmable Controllers

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