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If you’re looking for the latest in home security technology, Devcon Security can provide it. Not only does it offer a wide range of equipment from a wide range of brands, but it’s what’s most recently been released on the market. While Devcon is just another ADT dealer, it has an excellent reputation for customer service and quality of monitoring. If Devcon operates in your city, it’s worth considering contracting your home security the company.


What sets Devcon apart from many of the other ADT dealers in the country is the fact it provides equipment made by a number of different brands. While many companies prefer to stick with a single manufacturer, Devcon offers Honeywell, First Alert, GE, Interlogix, and many other brands. This gives homeowners a wide range of choices, and they are able to customize their home security system according to their needs.

Wireless monitoring systems are very reliable, and they offer a certain security that landline-based systems cannot. Not only does Devcon Security provide wireless security, but they ensure connectivity via cellphone and VoIP.  From fire alarms to CO2 monitors to motion sensors to glass break detectors to home automation devices, Devcon has a lot to offer homeowners.

Monitoring and Services

Devcon has earned an excellent reputation with their customers, as well as an A+ rating with the BBB. Its response time is faster than the industry standard, ensuring emergency services are contacted and dispatched as quickly as possible. The company’s monitoring station has earned a 5-star rating from the Central Station Alarm Association, and their equipment is all very high-tech. If you are looking for the most advanced systems connected to an excellent monitoring station, it’s worth considering Devcon.

The company has recently made the transition to becoming an ADT Authorized Dealer, meaning customers have the option to connect with the ADT network. ADT is one of the leading monitoring companies in the country, though it takes much longer to respond to customer complaints. If you prefer hands-on customer service, it’s always better to go with Devcon’s direct services instead of opting in for the ADT network. ADT has a poor consumer rating, which Devcon Security has a very high rating.

One of the great things about Devcon is that they make home automation easy. Their technicians will help homeowners learn how to operate the system from the control panel, as well as from the mobile phone. The intuitive interface makes it easy to turn lights, heating, and A/C on and off, as well as to regulate the environment. For home automation, Devcon offers ADT’s Pulse Interactive Solutions, which allows for video monitoring as well as climate and lighting control.


The initial cost of installing a Devcon Security system begins at $99 for the basic package. For basic home security, homeowners will pay a fee of $49/month for a wireless system, but the company offers equipment at a $250 discount. For home automation and total control, the monthly fee rises to $79/month–a much higher price than the industry standard. The contract lasts for 36 months, which is about the average contract length.

The Good…

Devcon Security has an excellent reputation, and is known for providing premium customer service

It offers a wide range of high-tech solutions, ensuring round-the-clock protection even in power outages

The Bad…

Devcon is an ADT Authorized Dealer, which means that customers may end up on the ADT network instead of dealing directly with Devcon

And The Ugly

Finding products and information via the company’s website is difficult and a hassle

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Available Benefits

  • Wireless/Cellular Monitoring Systems
  • Home Automation
  • Motion Detectors
  • Door/Window/Glass Break Sensors
  • Temperature/Environmental Monitors
  • Medical Alert Devices
  • 24-Hour Monitoring
  • Remote Access/Control

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