Designing Your Home Security Systems

The reason that so many homeowners have installed home security systems on their property is because of the rising crime rate regarding current burglary statistics.  According to the FBI, a home is broken into and burglarized once every 15 seconds, hence the need to install one of these security systems.  Although most of these burglaries do not become violent, once they happen to you, you may never feel safe in your home again.  Therefore, the installation of home security systems enables you to have peace of mind.

Considerations where the design of home security systems is concerned

The first consideration regarding the need for any home security systems is conducting a thorough risk assessment of both home and property.  In most instances, companies that sell and install these types of alarm and monitoring systems will offer this service free of charge in order to determine your current level of home security and what type of system you should install.

Here a few simple steps for conducting a risk assessment on your own should the home security systems company you have contacted charge you for the service:

  • Contact your local police department and inquire about the burglary and crime statistics in your neighborhood – most police departments will have this information readily available and will mail you a copy of the stats provided they do have hard copies of the documents.
  • Check the perimeter of your home to determine the most vulnerable entry points – check to see if your windows have locks on them and how low to the ground they are.  Additionally, look to see which doors have deadbolts on them.  Most importantly, put yourself in the shoes of the burglar to determine how easily it is to break in without the protection of any home security systems.
  • Create a home security checklist – this is by far the most important aspect of any risk assessment and will enable you to determine whether or not you should invest in one of these systems.

Realizing the benefits of home security systems

The primary benefit that the owner of a home will realize along with the protection factor is that the installation of one of these security systems will lower the price of your homeowner’s and property insurance premiums.  Typically, the average savings is somewhere between 10% and 12% on your insurance premium.  Another benefit is that home security systems will increase your home’s value.
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Posted on Monday, October 25th, 2010