Deep Freeze Alarms-Home Security Monitoring Sensors to the Rescue

Our recent surge of extreme cold weather has sent us all scurrying for warmth and securing our homes against strong winds, snow and ice.  Protecting homes from natures elements is just as important as protecting our homes from criminal activity with home security systems.   Freeze alarms are an easy and convenient way for homeowners to protect their property using these temperature sensitive sensors.   Freeze sensors are useful for homes, vacation properties, businesses and cottages.  Uncertain weather conditions can crop up at any time and it’s nice to rely on electronic devices that can provide warnings to you before potential accidents such as flooding, water leakage and fire occur.

If temperatures rise beyond normal conditions, it can pose a real threat to homes by damaging personal property as well.  Freeze sensors can monitor power and temperature and give you timely warning signals when there is a problem.  Most temperature alarms simply plug into phone jacks and wall channels.  The homeowner programs emergency phone numbers for the alarm to dial should it trigger the sensors alarm.  There are various temperature models on the market to choose from such as basic, intermediate and deluxe.

Basic freeze alarms dial numbers automatically should the temperature dip below 45 degrees and will usually record answering machine messages.  Intermediate models give you the flexibility of setting and customizing the temperature by calling three phone numbers.  One number checks the status of temperature, power and battery.  The other two numbers give the homeowner the ability to adjust power and use voice mail and answering machine functions.  Deluxe alarms are better suited for cabins and cottages.  It warns you by dialing your number and requires you to switch between phone call and thermostat in order to set a required temperature.

No one wants to be concerned about their home and property while away on business or travel and freeze alarms present effective safety measures to give peace of mind for home security.  Freeze alarms are a suitable inexpensive option and are easy to install.  They can monitor your home 24 hours a day and their sensor is powered by a battery that is hooked to the telephone line.  You can have it set to alert your phone if the sensor picks up a leak or other temperature problem.  If your home experiences a power failure, the batteries on the temperature alarm can also kick in as a secure back-up system.   It’s a good idea to research which freeze sensor will provide you with the most effective performance.  Do your homework before purchasing a freeze alarm, as you want to select one that is top quality and will work properly for your needs.

Posted on Wednesday, January 5th, 2011