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Serving over a dozen southern and western states, Central Security has developed a reputation for reliable equipment and monitoring over the past 30 years. Handling every step of the process from consultation to installation to monitoring, the company can save you the time of having to find these services from various different outlets. Central Security also features equipment from some of the leading companies in the industry. Unfortunately, the company’s website is fairly sparse, making it hard to know exactly what type of service you’ll receive or even how much you’ll pay for your system, monitoring or installation.


Though Central Security doesn’t give you many specifics or much pricing information about potential security equipment, it is partnered with some of the biggest names in the home alarm industry, including Honeywell, DSC, 2Gig and GE. From photos on Central Security’s equipment page, though, it’s clear that you’ll at least have access to standard security features like door/window sensors and smoke detectors. Also from these photos, you’ll see options for security cameras and smartphone accessibility, which are typically impressive offerings from a home security company. It’s honestly a little baffling that the company wouldn’t want to offer any specific information about these features.

Monitoring and response

Your experience with Central Security begins with a free security evaluation, giving you the option to call the company or have them call you. Based on your home’s layout and size, trained security professionals can make recommendations and design a system based on your needs. The company will then handle the installation of your system, no matter what equipment you wind up with.

Alternatively, if you already have a security system installed, Central Security can make it incredibly easy to switch your service. This also means that you can switch your service if you’re unsatisfied with your current monitoring provider. In a recent study conducted by the company, Central Security found that 90% of people who use its services would recommend the service to a friend, showing the level of individual attention the company pays to its clients.

The website also mentions more advanced home security features, such as surveillance cameras and convenient mobile apps to access your system. Unfortunately, these are little more than hints, mostly passed along by photographs and brief mention in Central Security’s literature. It’s perplexing, considering that most services tend to highlight these features as much as possible, since they’re some of the most impressive options in the field.


On top of lots of other frustrating things about Central Security’s presentation and offerings, the website has no mention of pricing whatsoever. Presumably, you’ll have to wait until your free security evaluation to hear any mention of cost, which could put some customers in a high-stress sales situation. By doing some research online, though, we found that the company offers monitoring starting at $39.99/month, which is somewhat competitive among security services. There is no mention of equipment or installation costs either, adding to the irritation that most users will probably experience.

The Good…

The company seems to provide great service, as evidenced by its approval ratings

The Bad…

The website is sparse and hard to navigate, making it hard to know what you’ll get

And The Ugly

Gives very little information about pricing or equipment specifics

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Available Benefits

  • Keypad Control Panels
  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Two-way Voice Monitoring
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Motion Sensors
  • Interactive Services
  • Fire Alarms
  • Keychain Remote Controls

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