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The family-owned and operated Central Alarm company is a good option for Tucson, Arizona homeowners worried about home safety. With fully customizable home and business security systems, the company offers reliable services at an affordable price–starting as low as $24/month. The company has become a trusted name in the Tucson community, and it promises to offer only the most reliable security systems and personnel for your protection. Considering the company has been in operation since 1939, it’s worth looking into.


Central Alarm offers both Honeywell and Ademco security systems, depending on the need of the homeowner. Both of these brands are near the top of their industry, so they are known to be reliable and trustworthy–though not always the most affordable.

When the home security system is installed, it includes a control panel, a siren, a motion detector, and three window and door sensors. A backup battery is also provided in order to prevent the system shutting down when the current battery runs out, and the key fob allows external access to the security system. Signs and stickers are also provided by Central Alarm, along with 24-hour monitoring and a 1-year warranty on all of the equipment and parts installed in the home.

Monitoring and response

Central Alarm specializes in residential security systems, offering the best Honeywell equipment for your home protection. The systems are fully wireless, and they can be installed even if your home currently has another security system. Central Alarm allows basic phone line monitoring, as well as fire protection and burglar alarms. Central Alarm systems are made to be pet-friendly, as well as easily accessible via smart phone, tablet, or laptop. The company provides consultants to offer advice on how to customize home security systems according to your needs.

For commercial protection, Central Alarm offers wireless burglar alarms, fire alarm monitoring and alert services, and camera systems connected to a central monitoring station. The systems can include Open and Close Monitoring, ensuring that you can always track who opened and closed the doors as well as when. Keyless entry is provided with simple security cards for ease of access, but the wireless

systems are highly reliable.

Should you have need of security personnel, Central Alarm offers on-site security guards in marked vehicles, interior and exterior patrols of residential properties, and a mobile patrol service. Its staff has been fingerprinted, required to complete a full background check and are all are licensed, fully-insured contractors.


Customers have the option of purchasing the home security system and therefore owning it, or simply leasing it out from the company. The cost of the home security system is roughly $800, and Central Alarm charges just $24/month for the monitoring services. To lease the home security system, a $200 down payment is required, and payments of $32/month are made for three years until the system is fully paid off.

The Good…

Has an A+ rating with the BBB, known locally as the most reliable and affordable service

The Bad…

Only local to Tucson, Arizona

And The Ugly

If you move, you may have to finish paying off the security system in order to take it with you

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Available Benefits

  • Wireless Security Systems
  • Residential and Commercial Security
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Fire Protection
  • Camera and Surveillance Systems
  • Access Control
  • Guard and Patrol Services

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