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Getting the Most Control Out of Your System

Even in the world of full home automation, it still feels nice when, as a homeowner, there’s a sense of autonomy associated with security and protecting your most valuable assets. How you go about retrieving that control will depend on a few factors such as what home security provider you have and the size of your family. Eric has stepped in to offer more tips on how to get the most control out of your alarm system so that you’re never out of the loop.

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Home Security Sirens: Pros and Cons

Not only do sirens send alerts to your security provider to help dispatch the necessary public safety officials to your home, they also notify anyone within earshot that something’s not right. So, when your neighbors see something amiss, an effective alarm system may incite them to inform local law enforcement as to your assailant’s description or whereabouts. However, sometimes burglars are quick enough to get away after an alarm sounds. While they might not have enough time to carry away your brand new TV, they could grab some expensive jewelry or something else valuable. So, as you can see, there are pros and cons to each side. Eric wants to delve deeper into this debate and offer more plus/minuses for you to consider. Enjoy!

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How to Place Your Home’s Motion Sensors

Usually, having a motion sensor in every single room could be less cost effective than some judiciously placed motion sensors throughout your home. It’s a good idea to know the approximate area that your motion sensors will cover before you just place them helter-skelter through your house. Need more tips? Well, luckily Eric is here to give you the full rundown of how you should place your home’s motion sensors, covering everything from the presence of pets to having sensors placed strategically towards valuables. Check out the full video below.

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How Important is Home Automation?

Thanks to a variety of technological advances, you can now take advantage of a number of features designed to help you know what’s going on at your home and feel in control all the time. Most home security systems have the ability to send you text or email notifications when anything happens at your house, for instance. From there, you can go even further. Instead of just getting an email, you could view a live video feed from inside your house using any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Home automation is not the wave of the future: It’s the wave of now. Check out the video for more on why exactly that is.

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Home Security Promotions 101

Looking for ways to save money on home security? Fortunately, many of the best home security companies are offering deals to help you protect your home without having you spend too much out of pocket. In fact, many companies will offer you a full home security system if you sign up for a promotional offer, essentially giving you everything you need to protect your family for free. There are tons of other ways to score affordable security and the we’re here to outline a few tricks to consider. Check it out!

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Placing Your Home Security Video Cameras



It’s no doubt that having security cameras installed is imperative for securing most modern homes, but the process of knowing where to effectively place these cameras isn’t intuitive. There are plenty of factors to take into consideration, including both visibility and the size of your home. Make sure your video security is designed in such a way where you don’t neglect weak spots, places where a potential burglar could gain access to your home without much resistance.

Check out our full video below for more on this topic, as we hope it will help you in using one of home security’s most creative technologies to your full advantage.

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What Home Security Equipment Do You Really Need?

It’s one thing to search and find the best home security system for your needs, but what about the equipment packages these providers offer? While hardworking homeowners look to protect their loved ones and possessions, there’s hardly money to waste on superfluous equipment that doesn’t go directly towards achieving necessary security. Cost is surely one of the more important factors, but the size of your home and where your home is geographically located are also notes to consider when signing up for a home security system. To help you in your search for the right equipment, we’ve put together a short video that details some of the most important factors, including a more detailed look at the suggestions already mentioned. Be sure to check it out below and head over to our list of top 5 home security systems so that you can begin protecting belongings the right way.

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DIY Installation

Installation cost for home security systems can be a pain, so many providers have selected to offer easy-to-setup equipment to homeowners looking to mitigate those fees. Just how easy are these systems to setup? What are the other advantages of DIY installation? Check out the video and find out all the details.

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