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Bulls Gap VFW Club Burglary

Three men break into the Bulls Gap VFW Club after breaking the door down.

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Tacoma Burglary Suspect May 23, 2012

After home was burglarized the homeowners installed surveillance cameras, and catch the burglar returning.

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Facebook Photos Lead Police to Burglary Suspects

Burglars brag about what they stole on Facebook which led police to arrest them.

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Real Estate Agent Caught Rifling Through Homeowners Belongings

Giving someone you thought you could trust access to your home has just become more frightening. After these Portage, Indiana, homeowners installed a security camera inside of their home they caught glimpse of their real estate agent entering their home and going through their medicine cabinet. The homeowner filed a police report and the Real […]

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Basswood St Burglary

Two burglars crawl through a bathroom window in broad daylight after tampering with the security camera.

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Two Burglars Casing a Backyard

Suspects are seen casing the backyard of the home – Testing entryways in the early morning of July 14, 2011, eventually settling on a window entry.

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Surveillance Video of Restaurant Burglary

Burglar is seen pulling up to the restaurant in the background at approximately 1:56am. He approaches the restaurant’s front doors with a crowbar and begins his break-in. The criminal then runs back to his vehicle at 1:57am.

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Burglar Robs a Milwaukee Bar

Milwaukee Police shared a video of a burglary that took place April 19, 2012, of a burglar breaking into a bar after hours. The criminal is seen rifling through the bar’s belongings and stuffing his pockets with the bar’s property.

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Two Burglars Steal Popcorn Machine

On April 23rd, 2012, two burglars break into a home and take an old-fashioned popcorn machine. One of the criminals is seen kicking something out of frame before they both leave the home.

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Surveillance of an ATM Burglary from a Convenience Store

Suspects drive up in what looks like a truck with a cover over the bed. They position the vehicle right in front of the door of the convenience store and pry the doors open. Once they gained access to the store they wrapped the ATM with a piece of fabric which was attached to the […]

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