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Placing Your Home Security Video Cameras

  It’s no doubt that having security cameras installed is imperative for securing most modern homes, but the process of knowing where to effectively place these cameras isn’t intuitive. There are plenty of factors to take into consideration, including both visibility and the size of your home. Make sure your video security is designed in […]

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What Home Security Equipment Do You Really Need?

It’s one thing to search and find the best home security system for your needs, but what about the equipment packages these providers offer? While hardworking homeowners look to protect their loved ones and possessions, there’s hardly money to waste on superfluous equipment that doesn’t go directly towards achieving necessary security. Cost is surely one […]

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DIY Installation

Installation cost for home security systems can be a pain, so many providers have selected to offer easy-to-setup equipment to homeowners looking to mitigate those fees. Just how easy are these systems to setup? What are the other advantages of DIY installation? Check out the video and find out all the details.

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Burglary Videos | Apple Store, Planet Cellular, Caddo Louisiana

Apple Store Burglary Suspect crashes through the front of an Apple store with what looks like a BMW. Second suspect rushes in and tries to take as many valuables as he can while the driver tries to back out of the store. After several attempts the driver is able to back out of the store, […]

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Burglary Videos | McDonald’s, 3-Timer, and Top Shelf Liquor

McDonald’s Burglar Settles for Dessert Burglar breaks into McDonalds, attempts to open cash register as well as pull it off the counter and take the entire thing with him. After many attempts to pull to both open and pull the register off the counter, the burglar went to one of the refrigerators and grabbed some […]

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iCam Catches Burglars

iCam on iPhones alerted homeowners to motion being detected at the back of their home. Burglars through the back door and then fled the scene.

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Dallas Burglary Attempt on Bioscrip Pharmacy

Burglar attempts to break into a Dallas Pharmacy by trying to heave a large rock at the plexiglass door.

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‘Cleaning Fairy’ Burglar Cleans Your Home

‘Cleaning Fairy’ burglar breaks into homes and cleans them for the homeowners leaving a note asking for payment for her services.

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Oscar’s Pub and Grill Burglary

Two suspects break through front window of Oscar’s Pub and Grill in Milwaukee.

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Shoot Straight Attempted Burglary Video

Burglar suspects attempted to break into a Shoot Straight. After trying to pry the door open they used a shed to get onto the roof which triggered an alarm and scared them off.

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