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Getting the Most Control Out of Your System

Even in the world of full home automation, it still feels nice when, as a homeowner, there’s a sense of autonomy associated with security and protecting your most valuable assets. How you go about retrieving that control will depend on a few factors such as what home security provider you have and the size of […]

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Home Security Sirens: Pros and Cons

Not only do sirens send alerts to your security provider to help dispatch the necessary public safety officials to your home, they also notify anyone within earshot that something’s not right. So, when your neighbors see something amiss, an effective alarm system may incite them to inform local law enforcement as to your assailant’s description […]

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How to Place Your Home’s Motion Sensors

Usually, having a motion sensor in every single room could be less cost effective than some judiciously placed motion sensors throughout your home. It’s a good idea to know the approximate area that your motion sensors will cover before you just place them helter-skelter through your house. Need more tips? Well, luckily Eric is here […]

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How Important is Home Automation?

Thanks to a variety of technological advances, you can now take advantage of a number of features designed to help you know what’s going on at your home and feel in control all the time. Most home security systems have the ability to send you text or email notifications when anything happens at your house, […]

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Home Security Promotions 101

Looking for ways to save money on home security? Fortunately, many of the best home security companies are offering deals to help you protect your home without having you spend too much out of pocket. In fact, many companies will offer you a full home security system if you sign up for a promotional offer, essentially […]

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AlarmForce Video Review

If you’re looking for home alarm services in Canada, North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, Minnesota or Florida, then you should definitely consider the smart and accessible services offered by AlarmForce. With over 25 years of experience and free professional installation starting at just $25/month, you could have quite the bargain on your hands.

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Advanced Security Video Review

If you’re looking for home security protection in the Northern California area, than the local and personal service offered by Advanced Security Systems might be a great fit for you.  Advanced Security Systems offers both residential and commercial solutions, integrating with smart technology like mobile accessibility apps and emergency response interaction to help make your […]

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ADS Video Review

If you’re looking for home security solutions in the South Eastern United States, you might want to consider the comprehensive security features offered by ADS Security. Based out of Nashville for almost 25 years, ADS has created security solutions for over 70,000 homes and business throughout the region.

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Protect America Video Review

Offering a number of home security packages at such a low prices (starting at just $19.99/month), Protect America is sure to attract people who are looking to safeguard their families without sacrificing their hard-earned cash. Protect America is also running a special promotion to give you two keychain remotes that, coupled with a mobile accessibility […]

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Vivint Video Review

Offering up to $1,300 worth of ground-breaking equipment to help you protect your home, Vivint represents a new guard in home security systems. Thanks to some impressive technology that the company can offer you, you can pretty much interface every feature of your house — putting you in control of everything from toasters to thermostats […]

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