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Top Nationwide Home Security Companies

The first question you must ask when deciding on which security company you want protecting your home is whether you should choose a local, regional, or national provider. The quality of smaller, local alarm companies varies greatly by location, and the national providers such as Vivint, ADT, LifeShield, etc. have so much marketing online that […]

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Top Security Guard Companies

As an individual or company’s assets increase in value then so does the risk and value that comes with getting a much more complex means of security to protect those assets. A security system is often more than enough to protect an individual’s home from burglary and other types of theft or damage, but when […]

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Top Real Estate Blogs

The battle for personal and home security is more than just putting up monitoring devices and new deadbolt locks. One surprising and often overlooked fact about home security that much of yours’ and your family’s safety has everything to do with where you decide to live. We all know that some areas of cities and […]

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Top DIY Deadbolt Installation Guides

One of the first steps to prioritizing your home’s security is by understanding that there are a few steps you can take that will ensure a big return on safety based on a small amount of effort. One such commonly overlooked area of security that gets a very high return on safety is something you […]

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Non-Lethal Weapons – Stun Guns

Non-lethal weapons are the most humane approach to taking down a potential burglar whose main intention is to infiltrate your home, take your belongings, and possibly do harm to your family. Most burglars don’t infiltrate a home with the intention of harming its inhabitants, but they are ready to do so and are the reason […]

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