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5 Great Ideas for Sophisticated Home Security Systems

There are plenty of cheap cookie cutter home security systems to choose from lately, but higher end systems share unique features and ideas all their own.  They offer specialized options and better control over home security.  If you have the cash to front on some upgraded systems, the 5 ideas below will inspire you to […]

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Door Sensors for Home Security Systems

A Brief Overview A lot of homeowners have installed home security systems in order to protect their families, home, and belongings and improve their level of security.  These systems are comprised of several standard components such as a control panel, motion sensors, and a battery back-up system.  However, there are other components that you can […]

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How Do Home Security Systems Sensors And Other Components Operate?

Main components of home security systems The primary components of home security systems include the following: the alarm the battery the control keypad the door and window sensors a phone jack a transformer The more sophisticated home security systems on the market today provide some of the best security for your home and have the […]

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Home Security Systems Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors used in home security systems are basically indoor lighting controls that are used to detect activity or motion within certain perimeters or in specific areas.  The security of one’s home is protected by these systems and these sensors are an integral part of them.  According to the Department of Energy, home security systems […]

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Importance Of Professional Installation And Monitoring

With all the home security systems available on the market today, it is oftentimes a better idea to turn to a professional or certified specialist to do the installation of these systems, especially if you are purchasing a hard-wired security system.  Since the protection of your family, home, and your possessions is critical, home security […]

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Why Are Glass Break Detectors A Must For Your Home Security?

They give us light, fresh air and a view, but windows are also typically the most vulnerable part of any home security system. Criminals know instinctively how to test the entry points of any home. Windows that many homeowners forget or overlook can be an easy target to any burglar trying to breach your home […]

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Protect Easy Access Points with Home Security Window Alarm Sensors

Even on a budget you can protect the weakest links of your home by installing DIY (Do-it yourself) window alarm sensors.  Windows are considered the easiest access points for criminals when trying to enter your home.  Homeowners sometimes think they do not have the money to wire and arm the windows in their home to […]

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Installing a Do It Yourself Laser Beam System

Installing an interior motion detection system can sometimes be a expensive endeavor, but there are budget friendly alternatives available for homeowners who are a little tech savvy. A Laser beam home security system is easy to make and even easier on your wallet.  With a small soldering gun and a few components, you’ll be on […]

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Finding Pet-Friendly Home Security Systems

It’s a common misconception to believe that home security systems are impractical in homes with active pets. In the past, technology occasionally inconvenienced pet-owners who had invested in home security systems. However, people no longer have to worry about dogs and cats causing motion detectors to set off false alarms.  There are a few different […]

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Invisibly Gating Your Homes

Can recall the last time you decided on just taking your car out for a spin, without a specific destination in mind? If you follow your path, you will likely notice that you passed a lot of blue octagonal signs with the letters ADT on them. This is because ever since 1874, ADT home security […]

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