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Does Your Smoke Detector Keep Having False Alarms? Here’s Why

The moment your smoke detector sounds is a terrifying moment. You jump up, wondering if you need to grab your children, your precious photos, your pet and run out the door. This is a moment you don’t want to experience more than you have to (and hopefully not at all). But if you have a […]

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9 Shocking Facts about Carbon Monoxide

If you take a closer look at your smoke detector, you’ll hopefully notice that it says “smoke and carbon monoxide detector.” If it doesn’t, then you should add a carbon monoxide detector in your home immediately. While both fires and carbon monoxide can be deadly, the latter is particularly dangerous because it’s often undetectable. Carbon […]

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Everything You Didn’t Know About Carbon Monoxide

If you’ve been lucky, then you don’t associate carbon monoxide with anything other than weapons used by villains in James Bond movies. But normal civilians come in contact with this chemical all the time and it’s important we all learn a little more about it. Besides learning what it can do to you, it’s important to have […]

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How to Place Your Home’s Motion Sensors

Usually, having a motion sensor in every single room could be less cost effective than some judiciously placed motion sensors throughout your home. It’s a good idea to know the approximate area that your motion sensors will cover before you just place them helter-skelter through your house. Need more tips? Well, luckily Eric is here […]

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Carbon Monoxide Monitoring – An Absolute Necessity

We all hear of fire/smoke detectors, but oftentimes carbon monoxide detectors are on the backburner when looked at side by side with its popular counterpart. However, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has stated, “carbon monoxide detectors are as important to home safety as smoke detectors are,” and recommends each home have at least one carbon […]

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Understanding Home Security System Door Sensors

Your home security system is only as good as the components that make it work. Understanding a little bit about your door sensors can help insure that your system is up and running at all times, and that if there’s a problem you’ll recognize it. The door sensor is one of the most basic components […]

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Home Security Alarm Levels

Your home security system is designed to protect you against threats to your home. While any system is better than none, the fact of the matter is that there can be many different layers or levels to your home security system. Understanding those levels can help you design a system that’s robust, affordable, and gives […]

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Home Security System Monitoring Options

When it comes to your home security system, there are several ways that your monitoring company can detect what’s happening in your home. These methods all involve a telephone-type connection, and vary from a dedicated security line to a standard telephone line to a cellular signal. Each of these monitoring options varies in its costs […]

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Home Security-Lingering Dangers of Radon and Carbon Monoxide

Besides protecting your home against intruders, there could be other unseen dangers lurking in your home. Two of them include radon and carbon monoxide. These are common and silent killers that don’t always make their presence known until it’s too late. Radon is a naturally occurring gas that emanates from the break down of uranium […]

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Deep Freeze Alarms-Home Security Monitoring Sensors to the Rescue

Our recent surge of extreme cold weather has sent us all scurrying for warmth and securing our homes against strong winds, snow and ice.  Protecting homes from natures elements is just as important as protecting our homes from criminal activity with home security systems.   Freeze alarms are an easy and convenient way for homeowners to […]

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