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Be Prepared: 9 Steps to Take Before Your House Sitter Arrives

Consider it a sub-rule of Murphy’s Law: any little piece of information you don’t give your house sitter will be the one piece of information he or she needs to handle a crisis. Whenever homeowners leave their home in the hands of a house sitter, they don’t want there to be any reason for the […]

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What You Should Know if You’re Subletting Your Home

Subletting your home can be a great way to fund your trip if you’re traveling for several months or to save money if you live bi-coastally and pay rent in two places. Subletting does, however, come with a unique set of security risks especially if it’s still your deposit and your funds on the line […]

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5 Reasons Home Alarm Systems are Needed During Winter Months

The winter months are a hectic time of year, filled with travel, holiday parties, gift shopping and unpredictable weather. You don’t need one more thing to worry about – especially your own safety and the safety of your home. Here are 5 reasons home security is important during winter months. 1) You can control the […]

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Top Security Options for Travelers

Most burglaries take place when no one is home. Vacations and traveling by you and your family means long stretches of time when no one is checking in and grabbing the mail, newspapers, and turning on and off the lights. The easy solution to this might be never to leave on a vacation, but what […]

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Protecting Yourself From Potentially Harmful Solicitors

Solicitors come in all shapes and sizes. They could be Girl Scouts trying to sell cookies, Mormon missionaries, neighborhood kids trying to earn money for a trip or businessmen trying to sell a service or product. Some occupants might not mind some solicitors at their door, but all homeowners should be mindful of people who […]

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Protecting Your Home when You’re Away

We’re entering those summer months when families like to load up into their minivans and SUVs and head out to their favorite vacation destinations. Whether you’re going for the afternoon or for a couple of weeks, you need to make sure that your home security system has what it takes to protect your stuff while […]

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Home Swapping and How to Manage Your Home Security

If you’ve ever thought about swapping homes with someone in order to enjoy some different views or take a holiday abroad, its normal to be a little leery or reluctant.  Home swapping holidays don’t come without there fair share of risks.  One thing you can do to protect yourself is to go through a third […]

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Avoiding False Alarm Mishaps

As a result of rising emergency services fees in most states, a lot of municipalities now require that a homeowner secure a permit for any home security system installations.  In addition, some townships and counties even enforce strict fines or penalties for multiple false alarm responses by police or fire officials.  Most false alarms are […]

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Robotic Webcams-A Look at Home Security Systems on the Move

The Rovio Wi Fi Robot is the ultimate in webcam technology.  It’s the finest in home security systems gadgetry.  This little invention is like a mars rover moving throughout your house, keeping a close eye on everything in your home.  Rovio is a wi-fi enabled robotic home security webcam that can move in all directions […]

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Mobile Home Security-The Doberman Infrared Perimeter Protector

Tired of that nosy camper or unwelcome RV guest who has nothing better to do with his time than skulk around your shiny new RV.  It’s a no brainer that home security systems are an important part of our society.  Today, more than ever; people are protecting their homes and personal property with purposeful intensity […]

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