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Information You Should Delete from Your Phone Right Away

If you’ve ever had your phone stolen, you know the feeling of violation that comes with it. You don’t just lose your way of calling people, looking up directions on the go and sending text messages; you lose a little device that essentially holds the key to your entire life story—past, present and future. The […]

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How Your Home Automated System Can Simplify Entertaining

When you’re the host of a party, it can be difficult to enjoy your own event. You put so much time, energy and money into throwing this bash, and yet, the night just flashes before your eyes because you’re constantly changing the music and checking on cooking temperatures. Fortunately, a home automated system can help […]

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Parenting 101: 7 Reasons to Get Your Child a GPS Watch

Using GPS trackers to keep an eye on one’s children is a controversial subject for parents. Does it invade their privacy? Does it make you a bad parent? Does it make you a better parent? Is relying on other tech options, like smartphones or apps, not good enough? New technology is always a little scary. It may […]

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Why Hackers Love When You Holiday Shop Online

Many of the largest online retailers have technology and insurance set up to help them address the potential damage that could be caused by hackers. That is both reassuring and alarming, because it shows that cyber thieves could be strong enough to hack into what most consumers believe to be secure online stores. More online retailers extend […]

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