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Intuition – Why I Listen to those Little Voices

by Laurence O’Bryan, international author whose first novel, The Istanbul Puzzle, from Harper Collins (Kindle US download here), is being translated into 9 foreign languages. I was burgled once, twenty years ago. I still miss the things they took. They got all my nice stuff, a neat portable video tape player, an expensive suede jacket, […]

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Security on Campus – An Interview with Abigail Boyer

The majority of the information contained here on HomeSecuritySystems.net tries to promote our visitor’s awareness of the level of security their home has, and to learn tips and methods for increasing that security. Much of our time is spent in our homes but we are now at an age where the rate at which people […]

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Webcam Surveillance Software

As smart home technology becomes more accessible to the general public we are starting to get a better glimpse into what’s possible by firms who have made it their goal to put these tools into our hands. When it comes to Home Security Systems and smart home technology one resource majority of us have is […]

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The Thinking Policeman – An Interview With Lex Ferenda

“At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice, he is the worst.” This bit of wisdom, as observed by Aristotle, has since evolved into a movement to protect people from one another in the form of a public service. Policing as a concept has been around for thousands […]

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What are Bugs? Interview with Skipp from Sherlock Investigations

If you have ever seen a movie or television show involving police, drug busts, espionage, or anything surveillance related, you have probably noticed that a common motif involves a confederate wearing a covert listening device, otherwise known as a bug or a wire, which is used to eavesdrop on criminals. The use of these devices […]

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