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Protect America Interview

Many homeowners might look to local security providers in favor of more personalized support and solutions that don’t include the bells and whistles many national providers tack-on. However, Protect America is one national home security company that nullifies the misconception that local companies do more to meet customers’ needs. With a prolific 20 years of industry […]

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Link Security Interview

When searching through home security packages, homeowners often find themselves sandwiched between plans that either offer superfluous equipment or ones that don’t seem to offer enough. Link Home Security understands this as a provider, which is why it’s one of the only top security companies that allows customers the liberty of fully customized solutions. As […]

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From Home Runs to Home Security: Bay Alarm Rep, Carlos Leyva

Some people are lucky enough to discover their passions at a very young age. For the rest us, it may take delving into what we thought was our life’s calling and realizing: the grass only seemed greener. Carlos Leyva is a guy who doesn’t mind going back to the drawing board – not to start […]

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Interview with LaserShield CEO, Anthony Dohrmann

In the world of home security it is often times a hassle to figure out which home security service fits your personal needs, which has much to do with why so many home security companies have been able to succeed in the home security space over the years. HSS had the wonderful opportunity of getting […]

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The Booming United States Firearm Industry

On December 15th, 1791, lawmakers adopted the famous Second Amendment into the United States Constitution which protects citizens’ right to bear arms. Since this historic moment Americans have embraced their right to own and use firearms for both protection and recreation which has, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), enabled the growth of […]

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Interview with SpyAssociates.com

We’ve all heard the stories of housekeepers quietly stealing from our homes while they work, or the employee who is slacking off on the job because of a lack of supervision. The most common solution we can think of is to be a physical presence to these people so they know that they are being […]

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Interview with Kenneth Kerr, President and CEO of HomeControls.com

It’s tough to argue against how influential the technology provided by Thomas Edison’s General Electric has been on society since GE first provided a means of electric lighting in American homes over a century ago. Since that time, the electrical infrastructure has been laid leading to an explosion in greater and more advanced electronic appliances […]

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Interview with Kevin Raposo from Simplisafe

One of the most frustrating characteristics people have when dealing with telecommunications companies is their heavy use of locking a user in with a 2 year contract. From personal experience I can attest to how frustrating it is to be half way through a two year contract and want to switch to a different plan […]

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Interview With Bob Tucker From ADT

One of the most recognizable home security brands on the market to this day is ADT. Originally started as a telegraph delivery company (ADT stands for “American District Telegraph”), ADT has grown into a company that is synonymous with home security systems with over 26% of the United States market and 6.4 million customers in […]

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Interview with Honeywell Security

A consumer looking for the best home security system on the market doesn’t have to look very far before running into a top home security company by the name of Honeywell. As a conglomerate with companies specializing in consumer products, aerospace, and engineering services, Honeywell first got its start as a company by manufacturing a […]

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