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Keeping Pets Warm and Safe in Winter

The change in seasons can be just as difficult on Fido or Fluffy as it is on his human companions. Things change inside and outside of your home that affects your pet during the winter months. Between the steps you take to keep your home warm and the sun’s temperamental schedule, there are a lot […]

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Keeping Your Kids and Home Safe During Trick or Treating

It’s that time of year again when it’s perfectly normal for complete strangers to ring your doorbell, and people to run around the streets wearing masks and carrying daggers. If you didn’t know what exactly Halloween was, the day would sound rather scary actually. Crimes are on the rise during this spooky holiday. There just […]

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Reasons You Should Never Answer the Door for a Stranger

In a day of social media and text messaging, it is very rare that a friend or neighbor show up unannounced at your door. Some people even joke that calling someone, rather than sending a text, is the modern equivalent of showing up at someone’s door. Whether or not that is true, you can probably […]

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Your Halloween Decorations and Your Security

There are parts of Halloween that are supposed to be scary, like the grim reaper blow-up dolls, tombstones on front lawns, and candy that look like eyeballs. But then there are scary elements of this holiday that you don’t want, like threats to your home security. Criminals can get away with a lot around Halloween. […]

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What to Do If You See a Home Being Burglarized

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to hear a window being smashed in. At first, you might fear that it’s a window in your own home. Hopefully, you don’t go looking into that in person (since it may not be safe), but you grab your tablet or smartphone, tune into the live […]

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Home Safety Tips for the Back-to-School Rhythm

It’s that time of the year again when children are stocking up on pencils and paper, students are rushing to sign up for their preferred extracurricular activities, and school principals are calling assemblies so all new teachers can introduce themselves to the kids. Back to school time is an exciting time, full of renewed energy. […]

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How to Protect Your Multi-Acre Property

If you’re fortunate enough to live on a large plot of land, it means your pets have room to roam, your children get to play outdoors, and you can even host special events on your property. Having a multi-acre property certainly comes with a lot of perks, and creates a sense of freedom and connection […]

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How to Protect Your Mail If Your Building Has an Unprotected Mail Box

Considering what personal and precious information our mail can contain, it’s amazing how out in the open the receptacles that collect it are. If you live in a house, you can at least have some control over your mailbox. You can choose its location, the model, how bright and attention-grabbing it is, and more. But […]

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Ways to Help Your AC Work More Efficiently

It’s easy to let power bills skyrocket during the summer months. Everyone in your home is so eager to beat the heat that they set the thermostat as low as can go, and let it run all day and night. But staying cool doesn’t have to mean taking on a second job to pay for […]

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How to Make Your Elderly Parent’s Home Safer

If your elderly parent or relative is at an age when they’re not quite ready for an assisted living home and still want their independence, but also aren’t as coordinated and observant as they used to be, knowing how to keep them safe can be tough. But there are steps you can take to make […]

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