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General tips about security at your home, buying, installing and using a home security system as well security system alternatives and basic safety guidelines.

Making the Most of Your Outdoor Security Lighting

If you’ve purchased a home automated system that includes automatic and motion sensor lights, congratulations: you’ve taken an important step toward securing your home. Burglars shy away from well-lit properties and often cancel their attack plans entirely if a motion sensor light takes them by surprise. Here how to make the most out of your […]

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How the Position of Your House Affects Your Chances of Being Burglarized

Thinking about your home security shouldn’t start once you’ve moved into a home; it should start when you’re deciding which home to buy or rent. You can control the security of your property through the use of home automated security systems, motion sensor lights and guard dogs, but you can’t control your home’s surroundings, and those […]

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What To Do After a Burglary In Your Building

                  If a burglary occurs in your apartment building, even if it didn’t happen to you personally, it can leave you feeling vulnerable. You likely thought you moved into a safe neighborhood and so this burglary has you rethinking your decision to move there. You also assume that, […]

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8 Things To Do Immediately After a Home Fire

Having a fire in your home can shake you to the core. You can take plenty of security precautions, but when a fire destroys your belongings, you’re reminded just how vulnerable you are to the natural elements, and that things like fires and earthquakes aren’t afraid of security systems. But, luckily, you do have some […]

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Information You Should Delete from Your Phone Right Away

If you’ve ever had your phone stolen, you know the feeling of violation that comes with it. You don’t just lose your way of calling people, looking up directions on the go and sending text messages; you lose a little device that essentially holds the key to your entire life story—past, present and future. The […]

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How to Prepare for Severe Weather

Considering the many severe storms that have happened around the world recently, one can no longer presume they’re safe from a natural disaster. If you have a home automated system, then it likely comes with a severe weather warning system. That’s a very good thing to have, but it only tells you something has to […]

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Stop These 6 Energy-Wasting Mistakes Today

When a heat wave hits, you’re desperate. You’re willing to do anything to cool off, including pay an enormous price for air conditioners, which has (unsurprisingly) tripled since the temperatures began rising. It doesn’t help that heat causes mental exhaustion, which means you become a bit forgetful and unperceptive. These factors and more could mean you’re […]

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3 Unbelievable Car Theft Statistics That’ll Shock You

You likely do what you think is the safest for your car. If you have to park on the street, you might make sure to park under a streetlight or in front of a business so people can see your car. Maybe you cover your expensive car with tarp each night, or keep it shut in […]

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9 Neighborhood Safety Tips for Kids

No matter where you live, you can’t guarantee your kids won’t sneak off or open the door when they’re not supposed to. But when your children have lived in a neighborhood for a long time, you typically know they can find their way home and are familiar with which areas are safe and which aren’t. When […]

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10 Tips to Help Keep Your Playground Equipment Safe

You purchase toys and playground equipment for your kids to make them happy – but that doesn’t change the fact that large, clunky items welded together with nails and sharp tools are inherently a bit unsafe. But your child doesn’t want to play in a giant foam pit (at least forever!) He or she is going […]

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