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General tips about security at your home, buying, installing and using a home security system as well security system alternatives and basic safety guidelines.

Putting a Security System in Your Home

Deciding to put a security system is a wise move towards a stronger and safer home front and it really doesn’t have to cost much, if anything at all and it will go a long way to adding to your level of home security. Talk to you insurance company before you actually commit to any one […]

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Make Your Community Safer

Home security is indeed a team sport. If your community can learn to work together as a team of sorts, crime rates in your area can see significant declines. Meet your neighbors, give out some simple holiday presents to your immediate neighbors as a show of kindness and in an effort to build a stronger […]

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Never Answer the Door (if you aren’t expecting someone)

This concept may sound weird to you if you grew up in a small town as I did. My family used to go on vacation for a month and leave the front door on our house unlocked the whole time. Granted, those front doors were in two very small country towns, so I guess things […]

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Pre-Vacation Security Planning

When planning this summer’s family vacation, there is much to think about, decide and take care of to facilitate a relaxing escape, including  making plans to insure the security of your home and belongings while you are away. Getting a home security system is never a bad idea, and with the savings you can get from your […]

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Securing Windows & Doors

Securing the windows and doors in your home seems an obvious move to protect you and yours, but leaving a window unlocked is a very common mistake for vacationing Americans, and combined with lack of attention to other areas of security can lead to a rude homecoming after a pleasant vacation, as you arrive back home […]

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Keeping Your Kids Safe Away from Your Home

Keeping your family safe doesn’t always just apply to the home your kids grew up in, does it? When your children travel or move away for school and have their own home, there is much to think about to make sure they are as protected as possible hundreds or thousands  of miles. This can be […]

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Cameras for your Home

Installing cameras or surveillance systems can be a great way to deter would-be vandals and thieves from invading your yard and home. And in extreme cases where the ruffians are not deterred, the camera will give you a chance at catching them after the fact with the recorded footage gathered of the situation itself. Night Vision […]

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Monsters in the Closet – Easing Your Children’s Minds at Bed-time

Making your children feel more secure in your home can be a constant challenge, and often, the more attention paid to them, the more emotional your children can become.  So how do you find the happy medium between caring for your kids and not feeding their paranoia?  There-in lies the challenge. Night Lights Night lights have […]

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51 Horror Stories of Home Invasion Robberies

Home invasions happen on a far too regular basis all around the world, and usually these types of robberies are vicious and brutal, and can be a victim’s worst nightmare come true. Security is increasingly important for areas where home invasion robberies happen more often, but everyone should do everything they can to ensure the […]

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Do Home Security Systems Prevent Crime?

Home security systems cannot guarantee the safety of your home. No practical method exists that can provide complete security. However, home security systems are an effective deterrent to crime and, if all the necessary components are in place, they greatly increase the security of your home. Even just the signs and stickers that warn possible […]

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