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12 Essential Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

‘Tis the season of panicked online shopping, last minute runs to department stores, fighting with other consumers over that last toy that your child desperately wanted and – oh right! – holiday cheer. Getting everybody that perfect gift can be stressful, which can make many of us less cautious than we’d normally be when shopping, […]

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Keeping Your Children Safe While Cooking Your Holiday Meal

There is a lot of commotion around a house while the holiday meal is being prepared. Timers are going off, phones are ringing with holiday greetings, carolers are showing up and pots of water are boiling over. If you’re the one in charge of making the big holiday meal this year, and you have children […]

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Keeping Your Home Safe When You Have Holiday Guests

If you have a guest room, this is the time of year you’ll be filling it up. Between the guests who are in town specifically to visit you and those who are traveling for other reasons but need a place to crash, you might see a lot of foot traffic in your humble guest accommodations. […]

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9 Essential Christmas Tree Safety Tips

It’s that time of the year when we bring the outdoors indoors with a beautiful Christmas tree. If you celebrate Christmas, then you likely have memories of a big, bushy tree sitting in the corning of your living room reaching back into your early days of childhood. For many of us, seeing a tree in […]

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Keeping Your Pets Safe this Fall Season

Wouldn’t it be adorable if cats and dogs carried little umbrellas with them and knew how to put on rain boots? Unfortunately, they don’t know anything about staying dry and safe in the fall. Pets don’t change the way they play and live just because the weather changes, so it’s up to us as animal […]

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Protecting Your Empty Home During Winter Travel

If you like to fly south for the winter, or even just leave your muddy, sludgy snow town for a prettier winter wonderland, you might leave your home unattended for a week or two. Burglars know that not only do people leave their homes vacant during this time of year, but they also leave them […]

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6 Thanksgiving Hazards to Look Out For This Season

With Thanksgiving around the corner, your home is probably filling up with guests and your refrigerator is probably filling up with ingredients for your big meal. Thanksgiving is a very social time, but that also makes it a hectic time. Between getting family members settled into the spare room and preparing veggies for the casserole, […]

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Can You Trust Your Construction Workers? Here’s How to Tell

Deciding who to hire to retrofit your building, remodel your kitchen or build that carport can be overwhelming. There are so many companies in your city that are happy to give you quotes and who claim to have extensive experience, but as someone who doesn’t work in construction, you don’t know what to look for—you can’t […]

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8 Safety Tips for Moving In with Your Significant Other

When you move in with your significant other, you’ll go through an adjustment period, getting used to one another’s habits. You may have different sleep patterns, with one of you needing a white noise machine and the other liking total silence. You could have different standards for cleanliness, with one of washing dishes immediately, and the […]

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7 Safety Issues that Come with Living in a Duplex

Living in a duplex sets up a very unique dynamic with your neighbors. A duplex offers almost as much privacy and seclusion as an individual home, with some of the features of an apartment building. It can be a great option for those who are ready to leave busy apartment buildings behind, but aren’t quite […]

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