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General tips about security at your home, buying, installing and using a home security system as well security system alternatives and basic safety guidelines.

11 Crucial Tips to Prepare Your Home for Heavy Rainfall

Tornadoes, hurricanes, snow and hail storms—these are all weather conditions we have a somber respect for. When the forecast tells us these are coming, we take that information seriously, fortifying our homes and even seeking shelter. But it always comes as a shock what devastation heavy rains can cause. It’s just water, right? Well, mother […]

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Keep an Eye on These New Resident Safety Hazards

Moving into a new home is so exciting. It feels like a fresh start. But fresh starts go hand in hand with being a little naïve about your surroundings. You don’t know about the hazards in your neighborhood, you don’t know whom you can trust, you aren’t familiar with the streets, you don’t know the […]

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Security Habits You Should Tighten Up in the New Year

You have the best intentions when it comes to home security. Every time you move into a new place, you make a mental list of all the ways you’ll protect it—and yourself. But life gets the best of you. You always leave 15 minutes later than you said you would, meaning several things go out […]

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Making Your Home Safe for Seniors This Winter

Every season comes with its perks and its pitfalls. But those pitfalls are intensified for the elderly. Being a little bit cold is no problem for a young, healthy individual, but can lead to life-threatening illnesses in senior citizens. Strong winds are exciting when you’re young, but can be frightening when you use a walker. […]

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Why Your Security Cameras Should Face the Street

When you’re first setting up your security cameras, you might focus on the inside of your home and the immediately surrounding areas, like your front and back yard, and the walkways along the sides of your house. But there’s one place that’s often overlooked when choosing the direction your security cameras point, and that’s the […]

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How an Active Surveillance System Could Help Keep Your Teen Safe

When is it safe to leave your teenage at home alone? Once they can drive, have started applying for colleges or are even babysitting your younger kids, they’re bound to start insisting they no longer need a babysitter themselves. It can be very difficult to know when the right time comes. Each teen is different, but […]

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9 Shocking Facts about Carbon Monoxide

If you take a closer look at your smoke detector, you’ll hopefully notice that it says “smoke and carbon monoxide detector.” If it doesn’t, then you should add a carbon monoxide detector in your home immediately. While both fires and carbon monoxide can be deadly, the latter is particularly dangerous because it’s often undetectable. Carbon […]

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How to Safely Get Rid of Your Unwanted Gifts

Now that the holidays are behind you, you probably have quite a few new items in your home, some of which you’re undoubtedly excited about. But then there are those gifts given with the best of intentions that just aren’t for you. Or, you may have gifts you bought for someone else who you didn’t […]

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Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Have a Spare Key

                  Handing out spare keys to select individuals can be tremendously helpful in certain events. Sometimes, something needs to be done inside of your home, when you just can’t personally be there. And when this happens, you’ll be so glad that one family member or friend is […]

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8 Common Garage Mistakes People Make During the Holidays

The garage is a commonly overlooked part of the home when it comes to home security. You don’t sleep in there, or spend much time in there, so you don’t think about keeping the area free of criminals the way you do your main home. But, if you’re like most people, you likely use your […]

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