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General tips about security at your home, buying, installing and using a home security system as well security system alternatives and basic safety guidelines.

Safety Tips for Your Kid’s First Sleepover

You’re sending your kid off for her first sleepover—it’s exciting and nerve-wracking for both of you. On the one hand, you essentially have free overnight childcare. You get your home to yourself. Maybe you and your partner can have that date night you’ve been trying to have for months. On the other hand, you’re giving […]

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Fall Fire Hazards to Get Under Control

Although we mostly associate fire with summer since that is technically fire season, the fall poses its own threats of uncontrolled flames. Much of the shrubs and trees are still quite dry for the first part of fall, and while the weather stops providing warmth, we seek it through furnaces, space heaters, and other risky […]

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What to Do If You See a Home Being Burglarized

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to hear a window being smashed in. At first, you might fear that it’s a window in your own home. Hopefully, you don’t go looking into that in person (since it may not be safe), but you grab your tablet or smartphone, tune into the live […]

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9 Things You Should Never Leave In Your Car

If you’re a very busy person, you might consider your car your second home. With all the time you need to spend in there, you might keep snacks, water, a change of clothes, a car charger, some books, and a number of other things to help get you through the week. While it’s convenient to […]

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How Befriending the Community Can Enhance Your Safety

It’s easy to get caught up in our own lives, rushing from appointment to appointment, and barely spending time in our own neighborhood except when we’re in our homes, eating or sleeping. But taking a little time to get to know your community, stroll the sidewalks, and meet neighbors can be an important factor in […]

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9 Times You Should Monitor and Review Your Surveillance Footage

  If you’re going to invest in a surveillance system, you should make the most out of it. Many homeowners only check their live surveillance when they get an alert that an alarm has been activated, and only review archived surveillance footage after a criminal event like a burglary. But your security cameras can teach […]

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12 Questions to Ask Potential Tenants

                  Whether you’re renting out your own home to make a little extra money or renting out an additional property, it’s important to get to know your tenants pretty well before approving their applications. If you want to remove an occupying tenant before his or her lease ends, you’ll have to […]

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Home Decor Ideas That Enhance Security

  Making your home safe and making your home look like a correctional institution don’t have to go hand in hand. There are several attractive decorating ideas that also happen to enhance the security of your property. When thinking how to adorn your property, consider if your choices will make it more or less enticing—and […]

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6 Security Tips for Home Renters

                One of the reasons people prefer to rent rather than buy a home is they don’t feel they need to worry as much about a place that isn’t theirs. While it’s true that, should a pipe burst or mold develop, it’s typically the landlord’s responsibility to handle it, that […]

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How to Keep Your Home Safe During the Most Active Burglary Times

Do you think that most burglaries occur at night, when homeowners are fast asleep and criminals can work under the cover of darkness? Think again. While that may be when other, more viscous crimes like drug dealing and bank robberies occur, home burglaries happen most often in broad daylight—when you’re at work and your kids are […]

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