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7 Safety Issues that Come with Living in a Duplex

Living in a duplex sets up a very unique dynamic with your neighbors. A duplex offers almost as much privacy and seclusion as an individual home, with some of the features of an apartment building. It can be a great option for those who are ready to leave busy apartment buildings behind, but aren’t quite […]

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Keeping Your Kids Safe During Summer Vacation

During the school year, your children are supervised almost around the clock. From 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., they’re in class, being looked after by teachers and school staff. If you’re lucky, some after school activity like sports or art class keeps them occupied and with adults until 5 or 6 p.m. Maybe by the time […]

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Staying Safe With Open Windows: What You Need to Know

If you love opening your windows to allow fresh air into your home, or as an alternative to air conditioning, then unfortunately, you’re putting yourself in a safety predicament. You’ve likely heard the saying that when a door closes, a window opens; well, this is actually a blessing to burglars who rely on you leaving […]

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Protecting Yourself From Potentially Harmful Solicitors

Solicitors come in all shapes and sizes. They could be Girl Scouts trying to sell cookies, Mormon missionaries, neighborhood kids trying to earn money for a trip or businessmen trying to sell a service or product. Some occupants might not mind some solicitors at their door, but all homeowners should be mindful of people who […]

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Home Security in Three Layers

When you think of home security, you typically think of a home security system. Yet, a reliable home security system is only one piece of the puzzle. A more appropriate analogy, however, might be that it’s simply one layer of the cake. There are, essentially, three layers of security that stand between you and a […]

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Your Garage Door and your Home Security System

A home security system is only as good as its weakest link. If you have the entire house secured but don’t spend time securing your garage door, you’re inviting trouble. Securing your garage door is more than just making sure it’s closed, too. If you don’t have a home security monitor on the door, there […]

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Exterior Home Security Tips

When it comes to making your home a safe place for your family and your belongings, a home security system is usually a worthwhile investment. However, many folks tend to focus on security the house itself, rather than looking at the big picture. The fact of the matter is that your second most expensive investment […]

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Deep Freeze Alarms-Home Security Monitoring Sensors to the Rescue

Our recent surge of extreme cold weather has sent us all scurrying for warmth and securing our homes against strong winds, snow and ice.  Protecting homes from natures elements is just as important as protecting our homes from criminal activity with home security systems.   Freeze alarms are an easy and convenient way for homeowners to […]

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Holiday Home Security-5 Things that Attract Christmastime Thieves

Are local thieves on your secret Santa list this year? They might be if you don’t take extra security precautions. At Christmas time more than ever, home security systems have their work cut out for them.  They stand guard for the valuable gifts that are displayed proudly under are Christmas trees and thieves are just […]

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Home Security and Toolbox Safety-Securing Your Garage Equipment

Home repairs and minor improvements are all a part of upkeeping a home, but sometimes homeowners fail to keep tools safely secured and locked away.  So many homeowners have been injured or killed by falling tools objects, especially during the holiday season where people are in the process of using these tools to hang Christmas […]

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