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Does Your Smoke Detector Keep Having False Alarms? Here’s Why

The moment your smoke detector sounds is a terrifying moment. You jump up, wondering if you need to grab your children, your precious photos, your pet and run out the door. This is a moment you don’t want to experience more than you have to (and hopefully not at all). But if you have a […]

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What to do if a Wild Animal Breaks into Your Home

Do you know what you would do if a wild animal got into your house? Trying to make a break for it runs a lot of risks since most wild animals can run much faster than you can. Staying put obviously has its dangers, as well. But you do have one advantage over the animal: […]

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Avoiding False Alarm Mishaps

As a result of rising emergency services fees in most states, a lot of municipalities now require that a homeowner secure a permit for any home security system installations.  In addition, some townships and counties even enforce strict fines or penalties for multiple false alarm responses by police or fire officials.  Most false alarms are […]

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Secure Your Home Against Daytime Deluders

Home security goes beyond technical devices. Your intuition can go a long way acting as a home alarm. For instance, many burglars try to trip the alarm systems by using blatant face-to-face trickery. You may answer the door-knock to face someone asking the following: May I use your bathroom? Do you have an egg I […]

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Home Security System False Alarm Prevention

Until we create home security systems that are capable of mind-reading, even the most sophisticated system is prone to false alarms. However, it is incredibly important to educate yourself in what you can do to limit the number of false alarms your home security system generates. A system that creates too many false alarms is […]

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