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A Home’s Best Friend: Using Dogs as Security

There are many breeds and choices you can make when selecting a dog for your family’s home protection.  Some of the factors you might look at are size, bark, strength, and reputation of the dog.  When considering a dog for any type of home protection, it is best to research the breed you are interested […]

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Home Security Options from Simple to Spectacular

When it comes to protecting your home and your family, you want the very best you can afford. Of course, not everyone can afford a personal team of bodyguards to protect their castle, day and night. Not everyone wants a high-tech monitored home security system, either. Fortunately, various home security options are available, from relatively […]

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Getting a Dog for Home Security

While a guard dog can’t replace a home security system’s level of protection, it can be a useful deterrent against crimes of opportunity. Most burglaries are exactly that – crimes committed at the last moment, without much planning. A guard dog won’t deter someone who knows you and knows your home from breaking in, of […]

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Home Security Begins in the Yard

When you think about home security systems, you probably start by focusing on the indoor components. You’re concerned about things like motion detectors, door and window monitors, and home security cameras. The fact of the matter is, however, that your home security efforts should really start outside of the home – in your yard and […]

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11 Awesome Self-Defense Blog Posts

Here at Home Security Systems.net, we take great pride in offering valuable information about keeping you and your possessions safe with a home alarm system. But have you ever considered any other form of self-defense like a firearm or enrolling a martial arts class? Have you ever thought out what you’d do if attacked in […]

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Tips and Tricks for Installing a Guard Dog Burglar Alarm

Most residential burglaries take place in broad daylight and some burglars like to test the doorbell first to see if anyone is at home before attempting a break in.  There are a lot of people who don’t have guard dogs or alarm systems to help deter burglars.  The good news though is that there are […]

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Finding Pet-Friendly Home Security Systems

It’s a common misconception to believe that home security systems are impractical in homes with active pets. In the past, technology occasionally inconvenienced pet-owners who had invested in home security systems. However, people no longer have to worry about dogs and cats causing motion detectors to set off false alarms.  There are a few different […]

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Plants as Natural Barriers

Plants are too often overlooked as a positive security measure to take when tricking out a new or existing home for security and amenities and aesthetics in general. Rose bushes, black berry bushes and poison ivy can all be used in tandem outside windows to create a natural barrier to fend off no-gooders. Anything with thorns […]

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