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Exposing Homemade Weaponry for Home Security

Home security systems work well, but it’s good to have another failsafe just in case they don’t work or are bypassed.  If you don’t have a handgun in your home or are to afraid to own one, there are some simple items that you can use for self defense.  You can use household items to […]

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4 Good Reasons to Install Home Security Night Vision Cameras

Sometimes it’s nice to know what’s hiding in the dark corners and recesses of your home; especially when you keep long hours at work or arrive home in the wee hours of night.   Night vision cameras can be great home security systems and are easy to install.  Garages are definitely places that could benefit with […]

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Home Security-How to Secure Your Home from the Inside Out

There’s a general list of tools you can use to your advantage that act as your home security systems network.  You can protect yourself by walking around your home and take a general census of any potential weak and vulnerable access entry points and taking steps to fix them using the following items: Solid Core […]

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Freeze Theft With Your Home Security Blanket

Where is your burglar alarm? The thought of a burglar is enough to give you the chills. If you’ve ever laid in bed at night wondering if every part of the inside and outside of your home is rightly secured, then you know the hint of the cold sweat that comes with your questions. Did […]

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Installing a Do It Yourself Laser Beam System

Installing an interior motion detection system can sometimes be a expensive endeavor, but there are budget friendly alternatives available for homeowners who are a little tech savvy. A Laser beam home security system is easy to make and even easier on your wallet.  With a small soldering gun and a few components, you’ll be on […]

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