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Security At Little-To-No Cost! The Best of DIY Home Security Methods!

It’s a proven fact that burglary rates rise as the economy starts to go down, so it’s no wonder more and more people are listing safety as their top priority. However, the reality is that many people cannot afford to buy a home security system. But don’t fret because HomeSecuritySystems.net is here to help! The […]

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Doing a Burglar Walk-Around

Part of making sure that your home is safe from a home invasion is choosing a good home security system. With the right home security system installed, any potential burglar in his right mind is going to approach your home and then just move on to the next one. Burglars don’t want to have to […]

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Home Security Options from Simple to Spectacular

When it comes to protecting your home and your family, you want the very best you can afford. Of course, not everyone can afford a personal team of bodyguards to protect their castle, day and night. Not everyone wants a high-tech monitored home security system, either. Fortunately, various home security options are available, from relatively […]

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Budget Home Security Tips

In an ideal world, there would be no need for home security systems. We’d all be neighbors with perfect flower gardens, and unicorns dancing on the lawns. Barring that fantasy world, we’d all at least have the financial means to invest in a reliable home security system. This is reality, though. And the reality is […]

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Do-It-Yourself Home Security System Pitfalls

Installing your own home security system can be a good option – if you’re hoping to save some money. The fact is that a professional home security system, one that’s both installed and monitored by a security company, provides a greater deal of protection. That being said, many people will find a sufficient amount of […]

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Neighborhood Watch: the Community Home Security System

Since the 1970s, the Neighborhood Watch program has been one way to supplement your home security system. Essentially, the program teaches you and your neighbors how to recognize and identify suspicious activity in the neighborhood. The program stresses the idea that we should all be looking out for each other, and that the best home […]

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Home Security Begins in the Yard

When you think about home security systems, you probably start by focusing on the indoor components. You’re concerned about things like motion detectors, door and window monitors, and home security cameras. The fact of the matter is, however, that your home security efforts should really start outside of the home – in your yard and […]

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How Much Does a Home Security System Really Cost?

If you believe the hype from folks selling cheap home security systems, you might not think that an alarm is a significant investment. The fact of the matter is that you can get by with a relatively small output of cash if you’re smart about it; however, it’s also true that you get what you […]

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Wireless Home Security Installation Components

For many folks, the prospect of wireless home security installation can be a bit daunting. The fact of the matter is that, especially in our highly-specialized times, many folks just don’t feel like they have the kinds of mechanical or electrical expertise that they’d need to install that kind of a system. The whole idea […]

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11 Awesome Self-Defense Blog Posts

Here at Home Security Systems.net, we take great pride in offering valuable information about keeping you and your possessions safe with a home alarm system. But have you ever considered any other form of self-defense like a firearm or enrolling a martial arts class? Have you ever thought out what you’d do if attacked in […]

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