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How to Protect Your Home During March Madness

March Madness is here! And as the name implies, it is absolute madness. The hype, aggression and skyrocketing levels of testosterone that come with the Super Bowl are amplified by 30. Why? Because March Madness is a month long event. That means a month of fun, but also a month of security hazards in your […]

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Tips for Turning Your Garage into an Extra Room

If your home has a large garage but you have one or no cars, or there is plenty of street parking, you can easily turn that garage into an extra bedroom. This is an increasingly popular renovation because using your garage is much more affordable than building an entire new addition to the house. However, […]

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How to Remodel and Secure a Manufactured Home

A manufactured home is a single-family house built entirely in a controlled factory, and then delivered to its destination. This differs from a “site built” home, which is, as the name implies, built on site. Living in a manufactured home (sometimes called a mobile home) certainly has its advantages, like the ability to move your […]

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DIY Installation: How to Not Get Bamboozled by Installation Guys

We have all heard stories from friends, families, and even strangers on dishonest installers who install security systems and prey on people’s fears and experiences so that they can try and sell them more equipment than is really necessary. The installer might even use horror stories that may or may not be true, pull out […]

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Sneaky Home Security Tips: Be The Burglar

Burglars are generally lazy individuals who don’t want to do more work than they have to. Burglars would prefer just opening an unlocked door or crawling in an open window rather than picking a lock or breaking the window.  So, as a homeowner, one thing I’d suggest doing is to tap into your inner Blane […]

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Skype Your Home Security

Meghla Bhardwaj has a job outside of the house, but she also has a small child. When she wanted a way to monitor her toddler and her in-home babysitter, Bhardwaj turned to Skype. “I’ve told my babysitter I can watch her from office, but I’ve configured my computer in such a way that she can’t […]

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Home Security Goes Green by Reducing Paper Waste and Electricity

Home owners are always looking for ways to make their living space more energy efficient or environmentally friendly. We install better windows and doors to save on heating and cooling bills. We separate and recycle our trash. Heck, lots of folks even have compost piles to provide fertilizer for lawn and garden. So, it only […]

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Protect Your Web Enabled Security Camera from Hackers

A lot of people who want to provide extra security for their homes but don’t have a lot of extra money to spend for a professionally installed system will turn to do-it-yourself models. One of the most often suggested way to add security on the cheap is to hook a Web cam up to an […]

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Top Picks | Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet cameras are a common type of camera accompanying a surveillance system. The camera is coined as a bullet camera due to its shape that resembles a gun’s bullet. These camera types are compact and can be easily used when discretion is necessary but bullet cameras are available in a variety of sizes to meet […]

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Top Picks | IP Security Cameras

Internet protocol cameras, known as IP cameras, are used in the digital recording of surveillance footage. This type of camera can send and receive video data using computer technologies and the Internet. Cameras used for the purpose of surveillance are called IP cameras to differentiate from typical webcams. IP cameras are available in two different […]

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