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Home Decor Ideas That Enhance Security

  Making your home safe and making your home look like a correctional institution don’t have to go hand in hand. There are several attractive decorating ideas that also happen to enhance the security of your property. When thinking how to adorn your property, consider if your choices will make it more or less enticing—and […]

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How to Take Care of Your Family Heirlooms

In the event of a fire or robbery, most things can be replaced. You liked your wardrobe and your furniture, but chances are, they weren’t one of a kind. Even if you personally damage these items, you can typically replace them. But there are some things, like photos and family heirlooms, that are irreplaceable. If […]

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11 Crucial Tips to Prepare Your Home for Heavy Rainfall

Tornadoes, hurricanes, snow and hail storms—these are all weather conditions we have a somber respect for. When the forecast tells us these are coming, we take that information seriously, fortifying our homes and even seeking shelter. But it always comes as a shock what devastation heavy rains can cause. It’s just water, right? Well, mother […]

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Making the Most of Your Outdoor Security Lighting

If you’ve purchased a home automated system that includes automatic and motion sensor lights, congratulations: you’ve taken an important step toward securing your home. Burglars shy away from well-lit properties and often cancel their attack plans entirely if a motion sensor light takes them by surprise. Here how to make the most out of your […]

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Information You Should Delete from Your Phone Right Away

If you’ve ever had your phone stolen, you know the feeling of violation that comes with it. You don’t just lose your way of calling people, looking up directions on the go and sending text messages; you lose a little device that essentially holds the key to your entire life story—past, present and future. The […]

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10 Little Updates That Make a Huge Difference in Safety

Sometimes the smallest detail can make all the difference between a burglar getting into your home or not. Seemingly minuscule changes around the outside of your home can also affect whether or not a burglar even wants to try getting inside. Not convinced? Here are little updates you can make to your home that will make […]

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Home Safety 101: Do’s and Don’ts for Your Child’s Lemonade Stand

Setting up a lemonade stand is an age-old summer tradition for children. Chances are, you had one, your parents had one and your parents’ parents had one. Running a lemonade stand teaches a child about the value of a dollar, instills a strong work ethic and even makes them more comfortable with public speaking, since […]

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Is a Panic Room Right For You?

Safe rooms, otherwise known as panic rooms, aren’t just for thriller films and apocalypse-believers. Having a safe room in your home could prevent a major tragedy in the event of a break-in or certain natural disasters. Not sure if one’s right for you? Safe rooms can be a cost and space-effective addition to your home. While reinforcing […]

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8 Safety Tips for DIY Home Playgrounds

If you plan on building a playground at home, your children will love you for it. You’ll be giving your kids an endless outlet for their energy and you’ll be doing something priceless for a parent: reducing the need to go to the park. When you have a home playground, you can stay away from some of […]

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How Your Home Automated System Can Simplify Entertaining

When you’re the host of a party, it can be difficult to enjoy your own event. You put so much time, energy and money into throwing this bash, and yet, the night just flashes before your eyes because you’re constantly changing the music and checking on cooking temperatures. Fortunately, a home automated system can help […]

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