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Pan-Tilt-Zoom Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras come in many varieties, but one thing that’s common in the vast majority of them is that they don’t move. You install them in one spot and, while you can reach up and readjust the angle, they’re not going to regularly move around. In fact, cameras that move around are traditionally more […]

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What is an IP Home Security Camera?

There are plenty of camera options when it comes to your home security system. There are cameras that are designed to work with a full system, and there are standalone cameras that simply capture images and retain them. There are wired cameras and wireless home security cameras. One of the newest types out there is […]

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Home Security Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Home security systems are one of those things that you just don’t think about when you’re buying your first home. The fact of the matter is you’re probably more concerned about the neighborhood, about the number of rooms and square feet in the home, and even the local school system. Understand, however, that home invasions […]

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Home Security Camera Catches Thief

A home security camera system helps to protect your home on two levels. First of all, it works along with your home security system to deter criminals. In many cases, the presence of a camera is enough to convince a burglar to pick a different home. In fact, there are even people who use fake […]

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Home Security Alarm Levels

Your home security system is designed to protect you against threats to your home. While any system is better than none, the fact of the matter is that there can be many different layers or levels to your home security system. Understanding those levels can help you design a system that’s robust, affordable, and gives […]

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11 Blog Posts That Simplify Your Security Camera Concerns

Safety does not come at a low price, but it is worth the cost. With the recent rise in crime rates, it is not only advisable to look into home security systems, but rather necessary, in order to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. Given the high cost of such security systems, it […]

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Picking the Right Apartment Home Security Camera

If you live in an apartment, your options for home security systems are limited. You’re limited not only by what your landlord says you can and cannot do, you’re also limited by the physical nature of the building. You can’t, for example, put a motion-detector light outside of your front door. Chances are pretty good […]

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Keep an Eye on your Home over the Internet

One of the ways that the Internet has impacted us is in the ability to rapidly access information on a moment’s notice. This translates to just about every area of life, including home security camera packages. There are a number of different systems out there that will actually allow you to view your home security […]

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Top Types of Home Security Cameras

If you’re looking for a home security camera system, it’s easy to get at least a little bit overwhelmed. Every vendor out there wants you to believe their product is the best, that they can provide the highest degree of safety and that their technology is superior. The truth of the matter is that the […]

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Home Security Cameras that Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions

Cold weather conditions are not only hard on cars, but can also present a number of challenges for exterior home security cameras. If your CCTV camera isn’t up to the challenge, you might just have moisture and snow ruining your newly purchased camera. If you’re a residential homeowner or business owner, its best to invest […]

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