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Placing Your Home Security Video Cameras

  It’s no doubt that having security cameras installed is imperative for securing most modern homes, but the process of knowing where to effectively place these cameras isn’t intuitive. There are plenty of factors to take into consideration, including both visibility and the size of your home. Make sure your video security is designed in […]

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Skype Your Home Security

Meghla Bhardwaj has a job outside of the house, but she also has a small child. When she wanted a way to monitor her toddler and her in-home babysitter, Bhardwaj turned to Skype. “I’ve told my babysitter I can watch her from office, but I’ve configured my computer in such a way that she can’t […]

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Protect Your Web Enabled Security Camera from Hackers

A lot of people who want to provide extra security for their homes but don’t have a lot of extra money to spend for a professionally installed system will turn to do-it-yourself models. One of the most often suggested way to add security on the cheap is to hook a Web cam up to an […]

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Burglary Videos | Apple Store, Planet Cellular, Caddo Louisiana

Apple Store Burglary Suspect crashes through the front of an Apple store with what looks like a BMW. Second suspect rushes in and tries to take as many valuables as he can while the driver tries to back out of the store. After several attempts the driver is able to back out of the store, […]

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Caught on Camera | $40,000 in Jewelry Stolen

Four men and one lookout were caught on camera robbing the Roosevelt Gold Exchange in Cicero, IL Monday, August 6th, and made off with over $40,000 worth of jewelry reports the Chicago Tribune. The men arrived in a white van and entered the gold exchange at 1:30 p.m.; two of the suspects distracted an employee […]

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Burglary Videos | McDonald’s, 3-Timer, and Top Shelf Liquor

McDonald’s Burglar Settles for Dessert Burglar breaks into McDonalds, attempts to open cash register as well as pull it off the counter and take the entire thing with him. After many attempts to pull to both open and pull the register off the counter, the burglar went to one of the refrigerators and grabbed some […]

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Top Picks | Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet cameras are a common type of camera accompanying a surveillance system. The camera is coined as a bullet camera due to its shape that resembles a gun’s bullet. These camera types are compact and can be easily used when discretion is necessary but bullet cameras are available in a variety of sizes to meet […]

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Top Picks | IP Security Cameras

Internet protocol cameras, known as IP cameras, are used in the digital recording of surveillance footage. This type of camera can send and receive video data using computer technologies and the Internet. Cameras used for the purpose of surveillance are called IP cameras to differentiate from typical webcams. IP cameras are available in two different […]

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Top Picks | PTZ Security Cameras

PTZ cameras enable businesses to take their security to a greater distance. The PTZ stands for pan/tilt/zoom and that is exactly what the camera is designed to do. The ability to move the camera around extends the viewing coverage area for extra protection. Image details can be increased with the zoom features during video monitoring […]

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Top Picks | Dome Security Cameras

Dome cameras are a highly recognizable measure of security. Many businesses utilize dome cameras to keep tabs on different locations and activities taking place each day. Dome cameras are installed in the ceilings of a location and are visible to the public. However, the dome covers of the camera are tinted to make it impossible […]

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