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Where Surveillance Cameras Should (And Shouldn’t) Be Visible

Surveillance cameras can be one of your greatest allies when it comes to preventing crime, as well as catching criminals who successfully burglarized your home. Having visible security cameras can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, visible units can deter some of the more novice burglars. That being said, advanced burglars love […]

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9 Times You Should Monitor and Review Your Surveillance Footage

  If you’re going to invest in a surveillance system, you should make the most out of it. Many homeowners only check their live surveillance when they get an alert that an alarm has been activated, and only review archived surveillance footage after a criminal event like a burglary. But your security cameras can teach […]

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Setting the Valentine’s Day Mood with Your Home Security System

People often see their home automated system solely as a tool to promote their safety, but it’s a powerhouse system capable of much more. While it can certainly help you lock doors and monitor surveillance cameras, it can also help you control plenty of other appliances just for your enjoyment. This Valentine’s Day is the […]

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How to Protect Your Surveillance Cameras

  Surveillance cameras can be invaluable in the event of a break-in, accident or theft in your home. But your surveillance cameras can only be of help if you take care of them. Should someone tamper with or disable them, or should a severe storm take them out, all of your important footage could be […]

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9 Reasons to Regularly Check Your Surveillance Footage

Many families see their surveillance cameras as luxuries they’ll only need after a break-in or incident has occurred. Some don’t even think about viewing the actual footage on their cameras unless there’s a burglary, but believe the mere presence of cameras will deter them away entirely. Surveillance cameras can be both offensive and defensive tools. […]

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8 Security Tips to Help Prevent Garage Break-Ins

Garages are easy targets for burglars because they’re not usually a homeowner’s main point of focus as far as security goes. Typically in the back or to the side of a home, garages are also often shielded from the view of neighbors and onlookers. High-quality locks and screens aren’t usually intended for garage doors, making this […]

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Top 7 Locations for Your Home Surveillance Cameras

Once you’ve put the time into researching the best surveillance cameras for your needs and invested money in these essential security tools, you’re faced with one important question: where do I put these? Your cameras won’t do you any good if they face the complete opposite direction of where the action happens around your home. And some […]

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5 Unexpected Benefits of Installing Home Security Cameras

When you think about installing security cameras in and around your home, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the potential to identify and catch burglars. Most people know, unfortunately, how rare it is for police to ever track down your burglar and the little chance there is of recovering your belongings even if […]

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Surprising Things You Can Catch on Surveillance Cameras

Think of all the disputes you’ve gotten into that would have easily been solved if there was just proof—there are probably plenty like fender benders, who got to the parking spot first, who was in line first and so much more. In a perfect world, you would have surveillance available to you anytime you needed […]

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Benefits of HD Security Cameras

You wake up in the middle of the night because of a noise you have just heard.  What do you do?  Go back to sleep, go downstairs or outside to check it out, or possibly call 911? What about this new solution – High Definition (“HD”) video cameras – to see what’s going on outside, […]

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