Cameras for your Home

Installing cameras or surveillance systems can be a great way to deter would-be vandals and thieves from invading your yard and home. And in extreme cases where the ruffians are not deterred, the camera will give you a chance at catching them after the fact with the recorded footage gathered of the situation itself.

Night Vision

Almost all robberies and vandalism happens later at night, in the dark, so regular cameras really won’t be of any use in most cases.  Even if you have an outside light illuminating all the camera viewed areas, a thief can just break the light with a rock before they even enter the camera’s view. Thus, unless you only plan to need the cameras for daytime use, you will need to get cameras with night vision or infrared capabilities. These are the cameras you see around town in stores and bars and such with circles of led lights around the lens.  These led lights enable you to still see what’s happening in the camera’s scope of view at night.

Wired or Wireless?

Choosing wired or wireless camera options depends on your application and how easy you want the cameras to be installed.  A wired camera is more stable and will rarely, if ever have any signal loss- unless a squirrel or rat chews through the cable or after decades of use, the cable itself dries and cracks. If you have ever used a wireless router at work or in your home, you know from experience that the router sometimes needs to be reset as for various reasons the signal can get lost or the router for some reason can shut your camera or computer out of the network once in awhile when it gets ‘confused’.  On the other hand, wireless cameras are the quickest and cheapest to install, so if you need something to work tonight, then wireless can be a good short-term fix.  For long term use, however, wired cameras are still superior in reliability when you need them most.

High & Low End Options

There are various cheap and expensive options you can find on Google shopping or from talking to Brinks, ADT or another local home security company in your area.  If you want to go cheap and you are relatively handy/tech savvy, then buy the cameras yourself and install them on your own. If you want third party monitoring constantly, especially if you travel a lot, then having a professional company install, monitor and warranty the camera equipment may be best for you.

Even if your cameras do fail at some point, as most will no matter how much you spend, they are a great visual deterrent to keep bad elements away from your home. So even if you can’t afford much, buy some used cameras that don’t work at the junk yard, thrift store or on Craigslist and put them up around your house just for show.  Anything is better than nothing – and then when you find your way out of this recession you can step up to the real deal.

Posted on Monday, May 3rd, 2010