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As one of the top manufacturers of electronics and software in the world, German-based Bosch has a reputation for producing quality appliances. While the company does not provide monitoring, it offers a wide range of products for home use. It can provide everything from control panels to video surveillance to home automation, plus user-friendly software to connect it all. Bosch’s products are used by many of the largest security providers in the country, ensuring that homeowners can benefit from peace of mind at their fingertips.


Bosch is a German company, so all of the products must be imported into the United States. Compare this to General Electric and Honeywell–the two top U.S.-based manufacturers–and the prices of Bosch equipment is usually a bit pricier. Homeowners looking for cheaper products will usually select ADT or Honeywell products, while GE offers the best national-made products. For those willing to pay a higher price, Bosch Alarm products rival GE’s systems and devices in terms of quality.

Bosch offers products ranging from home security systems to video cameras and surveillance to personal alert devices. The German-made products are all very durable, and as reliable as could be expected. Bosch offers extended warranties on all of its products, and though the devices aren’t as technologically advanced as many of those offered by GE, they are more reliable.

Monitoring and Services

Bosch Alarm does not offer monitoring for individual homes, as the priority of the company is business and corporate solutions. Bosch security devices are often installed at airports, stadiums, and other massive buildings, so the focus of the company’s monitoring is not on individual homes. Many of the products made by Bosch are also focused on corporate and large-scale security, so there are not as many residential security products as with other companies.

However, Bosch does provide options for those who want to protect their homes. For example, the B Series control panels are ideal for home security, as they come with touch controls, a user-friendly interface, and the option for both wired and wireless connection. The systems are designed to use a number of access controls, including passcodes, RFID cards, and even remote access.

The software is designed to be very user-friendly, made for remote access and control from PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Users can program their control panels and security systems easily from their computers instead of having to fiddle with tiny buttons on the panels. The systems are comprehensive, with access to very advanced SQL databases, DNS and IP lookup features, and more.


The cost of the systems varies depending on the devices included. For example, a Bosch security camera retails for $284 on Amazon, while a smoke detector will run $45. A roof camera will run $110, while a motion sensor will cost $37.99. There is no monitoring, so there are no monthly fees.

The Good

Bosch has a reputation for producing excellent quality systems and devices

Bosch products are available everywhere in the country

The Bad

The products are much more expensive, and the range of residential security products is limited

And The Ugly

Bosch does not offering residential monitoring, as its focus is on airport, stadium, and corporate security


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Available Benefits

  • Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • Video Cameras/Surveillance
  • Personal Alert Devices
  • Radio Alert Devices
  • Home Automation
  • Motion Detectors
  • Access Control Devices
  • Fire/Burglar Alarms

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