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For 16 years, Blue Ridge Security Solutions has been providing alarm systems for businesses and residences in the Southeast U.S. With monitoring prices starting at $25/month, the company can save you money in the long term while it protects you and the people you care about. Blue Ridge Security Solutions also offers more than the standard security solution, giving you access to security cameras and smart home access features that can improve your safety and your comfort. The only down side is that the company charges for equipment and installation up front, which typically starts at $1,299.


If you’re having trouble feeling secure in your home, then nothing beats the standard security features of companies like Blue Ridge Security Systems. You’ll have access to door and window sensors as well as motion sensors to secure your home. However, Blue Ridge Security Solutions’ offerings go well beyond the standard features of most companies, including options for video surveillance. With the company’s TotalControl service, you could get access to smart thermostats, automatic door locks and security gates to give you even more control over everything you care about.

Monitoring and Response

Blue Ridge Security Solutions clearly hangs its hat on the monitoring services that it offers for private residences and big businesses. Of course this includes standard systems, like burglary and fire monitoring to protect the things you care about most. But it also includes features like BlueVue and BlueLink, which provide more high-tech options for your comfort. BlueLink offers redundant service, basically meaning that your home alarm signals can be sent by more than one method to help ensure that Blue Ridge Security Solutions’ monitoring centers receive the alarm.

BlueVue, as its name implies, provides live video connection to protect your home and valuables. Basically, when an alarm is tripped, security cameras record a 10-second clip of a burglary in progress. This saves you the trouble of checking the tape later, while also giving you a clear view of the crime and the criminal, which can increase the apprehension rate of offending intruders.

With TotalControl from Blue Ridge Security Solutions, you can experience the level of control over you home that you’ve been seeking. Using a proprietary method of communication between different pieces of your equipment, you’ll be able to see and control everything that’s going on at your house. For instance, a burglar tripping your motion sensor allows you to contact your local authorities; on the other hand, if your house keepers arrive on time, you can disarm your system to let them in.


Blue Ridge Security Solutions, in addition to offering great monitoring features, the company also offers very competitive rates for basic home monitoring. Starting at $25/ month, you’ll receive Blue Ridge Security Solutions’ impressive monitoring and home accessibility features to secure your home and the things you care about most. The only down side is that the company charges you for your security equipment and installation up front. Though the total cost will fluctuate quite a bit depending on your features and equipment, Blue Ridge Security Solutions states that these services typically start around $1,299.

The Good…

Monitoring starting at $25/month, which is very competitive

The Bad…

Only available in the Southeastern U.S.

And The Ugly

The standard $1,299 installation is a lot of money upfront for most people

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Available Benefits

  • Touchscreen Security Consoles
  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Motion Sensors
  • Home Security Gates
  • Redundant Monitoring
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Smart Thermostats

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