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Homeowners today understand the value of home security. Four burglary attempts happen every minute in the United States, according to statistics released by the FBI, so protecting one's home has never been more important. When individuals shop for home security systems, they have some choices to make. One of those choices is whether to choose a hard-wired system or a wireless home security system. Each has its advantages, and the choice ultimately comes down to what you value more as a homeowner. Wireless home security systems When you look at different wireless systems, you will notice one very important thing about them. They are easy to install and you can put them practically anywhere. This is one of the reasons why these systems are so very appealing. Individuals can purchase a wireless system and install it themselves, cutting down the costs of home security. Additionally, these systems are portable, which means that homeowners can take them to a new home in case of a move. There is no sunk cost when you go with a wireless system. The issue with… Read more

As a homeowner, one of your biggest fears probably involves burglars. Nobody wants their home be broken into, which is why security systems are such hot sellers. Without question, a home security system is an excellent way to keep your home from being broken into; having a basic understanding of how burglars typically gain access to a home can help you be a more informed shopper. Below, some of the most common entry points for home break-ins are highlighted for your convenience. Familiarize yourself with them and keep them in mind when shopping for a home security system. Common entry points - Doors An unlocked door is a burglar's best friend. Many burglars go around looking for front doors, back doors and other doors that haven't been properly secured by homeowners. Even if you are conscientious about locking your doors, your locks may not be sufficient enough to keep even an amateur robber from getting in. A few important facts about doors and break-ins include: Many burglars gain access to homes through sliding glass doors. Such doors can be easily… Read more